Vets For Peace: Contact Chuck And Joni ASAP

Action alert from Ed Flaherty, Veterans for Peace Chapter #161

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is being considered now in the US Senate. It looks like it will be debated on the Senate floor on Nov. 29th. I frankly think it is too late to hope to vote down this monstrosity. It is $778 Billion, which is $25 bilion more than Biden/the Pentagon requested and $37 billion more than the last one approved during the Trump Administration. Bernie Sanders is proposing an amendment which would set the limit at 90% of ($778-$37), which may get some votes, and is worth advocating for.

The more pragmatic purpose for my writing is to urge you to contact the offices of Ernst (202 224-3254) and Grassley  (202 224-3744). There are amendments which will hopefully be part of the NDAA debate. Sen. Ernst needs to be urged to repeal the 2002 AUMF.  Sen. Grassley has already signed on to that repeal effort. In your call to Grassley, you might extend thanks (while holding your nose) for his decision to repeal.

BOTH Ernst and Grassley need to be asked to support the restrictions on arms sales to Saudi Arabia and end US support for the Yemen war. I believe Sanders ,Lee, and Paul are cosponsors (strange bedfellows). If anything good is to come out of this NDAA, those two objectives are important and achievable.

There are lots more items (including the kitchen sink) in the bill, which you may wish to advocate for or against. Please call ASAP, and if you get no one, call again, for sure before Nov. 30.

If you want background sources, go to or or or your favorite.

Peace & Happy Thanksgiving,

Ed Flaherty 319 621-6766

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