Sunday Funday: Thanksgiving Week Edition

Pre covid – Debbie Downer. 5 minutes

Well, more of us will be able to gather this year with family and friends thanks to President Biden and his administration’s aggressive policy of distribution of covid vaccines and boosters for all age groups.

Conversely, thanks to the Republican Party, Fox News and “leaders” like “Covid” Kim Reynolds we can’t fully open society yet. And thanks to those who refuse to be vaccinated, people are still getting ill and way too many are dying. But worst of all they give the corona virus a place to mutate and undo all the great work that science has done to combat it. It is as if we had a Nazi division in our Army during WWII.

But we will try to lighten it up a bit today – including some holiday jokes.

A) “Democrats in disarray! Democrats in disarray!” They could barely pass the Build Back Better bill in the House Friday with how many Democrats voting for the bill?

B) A belated happy birthday for yesterday to what major politician in this country?

C) Who served as president for a short period while the President underwent a medical procedure under anesthesia Friday?

D) Paul Gosar, representative from Arizona, joined an elite list of 8 members of the US House since 1900 to be censured. What did he do to be censured?

E) What was the Native American Tribe that shared the first Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims?

F) In an unusual move Travis McMichael did what during his trial in the murder of Ahmaud Arbery?

G) The FDA Friday authorized booster shots for what group of people in the US?

H) What European country has enacted lockdowns on unvaccinated citizens and will make vaccinations mandatory in February?

I) Iowa is expected to get how much for infrastructure building and repair from the infrastructure bill signed this week by President Biden?

J) What president was the first to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving?

K) Iowa’s Republican House members voted which way in the Paul Gosar censure?

L) What drugstore chain announced it will close nearly 1000 of its stores over the next 3 years?

M) Kyle Rittenhouse was found guilty or not guilty of all charges Friday?

N) Tomorrow is the 58th anniversary of what American tragedy?

O) President Biden this week met with leaders from what other countries in the White House?

P) What Iowa state official has come under scrutiny for using federal pandemic money to pay staff salaries?

Q) What former presidential advisor turned himself in Monday on Contempt of Congress charges?

R) Tensions continue with migrants caught between what two European countries?

S) For the first time in our history over 100,000 people died from what during a rolling 12 month period?

T) President Biden named what former mayor to oversee the $1 Trillion infrastructure spending?

Extra!) Approximately how many turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving in the US?

Minutes after being censured for posting an animated video of him killing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Paul Gosar reposted the same video on Twitter because Republican voters don’t care if their representatives make their lives better as long as they make others’ lives worse. – Middle Age Riot


A) 220 out of 221 (Jared Golden of Maine voted against the bill)

B) President Biden

C) VP Kamala Harris. This is the first time any woman has been president in any capacity in the US.

D) posted an anime video depicting him killing Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and attacking President Biden

E) Wampanoag

F) took the witness stand

G) all adults over 18

H) Austria

I) $5 billion

J) Harry Truman in 1947

K) they voted to approve Gosar’s videos

L) CVS – this will be @10% of their stores

M) Not guilty

N) The assassination of JFK 

O) Justin Trudeau of Canada and AMLO of Mexico

P) Kim Reynolds

Q) Steve Bannon – he then issued a threat against the government

R) Belarus and Poland

S) drug overdose

T) Mitch Landrieu of New Orleans

Extra!) 280 million

If Lee Harvey Oswald were around today he’d say he shot JFK in self-defense. – Andy Borowitz

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