Sunday Funday: What Subpoena Means Edition

You may not see it my way, but to me this is about as scary of a video as I could play during the Halloween. Here is a video of a large group of representatives unwilling to do a damn thing to those who attempted and failed to overthrow our government. If this is what you think you want, let me warn you that what you think you want will not be what you get if the Trumpers succeed in overthrowing our government.

History is full of democracies becoming authoritarian governments. The losers are the citizens in every case.

BTW – among those who voted not to stand up when our country was in jeopardy were Mariannette Miller-Meeks (who is often ready to tell about her military connection), Ashley Hinson and Randy Feenstra.

Another scary week as our democracy get battered from the extreme right. Of course there will be some Halloween questions!

A) The CDC Thursday approved the roll out of booster Covid vaccines from what two companies?

B) A different strategy for these boosters that the CDC will allow is what?

C) The night before Halloween is often known as Mischief night. However on some places it is named after what vegetable for what reason?

D) The SCOTUS granted an “expedited review” for what law that went into effect in Texas about 6 weeks ago?

E) John Deere Company has threatened to cut striking workers access to what to try to force an end to the strike?

F) What former Secretary of State died last week at age 84?

G) A strike was averted in Hollywood when a last minute deal was worked out between entertainment companies and what union?

H) Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins was killed when a prop gun was discharged on the set of the movie “Rust” by what actor?

I) Magician Harry Houdini died on Halloween 1926. What did he die from?

J) As pointed out by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, what is the number 1 cause of police deaths this year?

K) In Chicago the police union is fighting against mandatory what?

L) Iowa Democratic Chair Ross Wilburn reported what kind of threats following an editorial he wrote for the Des Moines Register?

M) What TV family lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane?

N) Rumors started Tuesday about a name change for what currently controversial tech giant?

O) What organ from a pig was found to work normally when transplanted into a human?

P) The FBI raided homes owned by what Russian oligarch early Tuesday morning?

Q) The trial for the slaying of black man Ahmaud Arbery by three white men began in what state?

R) An Amazon warehouse in what city looks to be the first to vote for a union?

S) What classic Halloween tale gave us the character The Headless Horseman?

T) A Newton Iowa plant that manufactures what has announced it will close on December?

Overheard: If paying a cashier a living wage will make prices go up. Why doesn’t replacing cashiers with Self Checkouts make prices go down?


A) Moderna and Johnson & Johnson

B) It will allow the vaccines to be mixed & matched 

C) Cabbage night. That is the night rotting cabbages were left on peoples doorsteps

D) The Texas vigilante abortion law that outlaws abortion after 6 weeks pregnancy

E) Health care

F) Colin Powell


H) Alec Baldwin

I) ruptured appendix

J) Covid

K) Covid vaccinations

L) death threats, including lynching

M) The Munsters

N) Facebook. One suggestion was ‘Zuckers!’

O) A kidney. The pig was a specially raised pig to eliminate a sugar that had caused rejection in previous attempts

P) Oleg Deripaska

Q) Georgia

R) New York City – Staten Island specifically

S) Sleepy Hollow

T) wind turbine blades

BREAKING – Lev Parnas is guilty on all 6 counts for campaign finance illegality. 

Consider it the opening act for the coming Rudy Giuliani headliner. – Tristan Snell

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