Women’s March & Gay Pride In Downtown Iowa City Today

There must be some kind of confluence of the heavens today. A daily double for those who care about humanity.

Iowa City will be hosting a very belated Gay Pride celebration starting at noon today, continuing until 11 tonight. This will include a parade kicking off at noon and lasting until approximately 2PM at which time the protest against the Texas anti-abortion laws start at the Ped Mall. A schedule of events can be found here:


The Women’s March is being held all across the country in response to the horrible anti-abortion bill in Texas that was allowed to become law by a seemingly conspiring Supreme Court. We had a listing of the marches in Iowa yesterday. You can find them here:


Remember as you attend these events to wear a mask. If you haven’t been vaccinated yet, today would be a great day to do that and set yourself free from the scourge of the pandemic.

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