“We Have A Way To End This Pandemic”

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This woman is really good with numbers. Using those numbers, she spells out why being unvaccinated is, frankly, almost a death wish

One number that she didn’t mention is that since the beginning we have had (per world-o-meters) 684,000 deaths. That is one covid death for every 500 Americans:

684,000 X 500 = 342,000,000 (or slightly more than the US population).

1 in 500 and going up all the time!

Currently the daily average number of deaths is about 1500. But they are no longer dying from the pool of all Americans but almost totally from the pool of the non-vaccinated. This pool includes children under 12 who are not eligible to be vaccinated yet, plus those who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. I would not include those who refuse to be vaccinated for religious reasons.

So if you take 1500/ day from a pool of @160 million that is one death in 106,666 per day. In a year that comes to one death by covid for every 292 unvaccinated Americans. (1500 X 365 /160,000,000). Remember that this number includes people who currently can’t be vaccinated through no fault of their own.

According to Wikipedia the US has sustained 666,481 combat war deaths in her history. As of Thursday morning we have 685,000 Covid deaths in approximately 20 months.

These numbers are incredibly scary. The scariest part of all is that since the vaccines were introduce for the public in February most of these deaths have been preventable. Yet there is a core of about 25% that refuse to get vaccinated for the worst reasons. Probably every one of them has been vaccinated for a variety of diseases such as polio, mumps and small pox. 

The reason they refuse to get the Covid vaccine that has been proven 1) safe and 2) effective is because of Republican leadership that from day 1 has worked against defeating this disease. They have done so to make the economy tank in a strategy to regain power. At election time most Americans vote their pocketbooks. If the economy is tanking, then the party on power gets blasted.

But it appears that most Americans are now smarter than Republicans give them credit for. Most Americans are putting the blame directly where it should be for the pandemic: on Trump, the Republican Party and their followers.

And ironically in their very cynical strategy to get voted back into power, Republican are killing their own voters at a rate of about 1500 a day. With midterms a little over 400 days away, Republicans may be killing as many as 600,000 of their own voters thought the country. That is about 1400 per congressional district on average. That is more than the 6 votes Mariannette Miller-Meeks won by in Iowa’s 2nd district.

Maybe President Biden, being the good American that he is, can help Republicans to stop killing their own before then.

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