Sunday Funday: Hispanic Heritage Month Edition

Pay Attention: The next 6:11 will confuse and enlighten at the same time.

Who doesn’t like a taco? Food is of course just one of the many things that Hispanic culture has added to the incredible crazy quilt that is America. From food to art to business leadership to simply being a good neighbor, Hispanic culture is deeply woven into the American fabric.

We happen to live in city in Iowa that is one of, if not the only, minority majority cities in Iowa. Know what? It runs just like any other American city. Unlike many smaller towns in Iowa, we continue to prosper, although the pandemic has hit us really hard.  

I must diverge here to say we were really sorry to hear of the passing of comedian Norm McDonald. He was a unique comedian. I would describe him as a kind of a bad boy who could come up with some of the most off-the-wall lines ever. He will be missed.

We will include some Hispanic history in today’s questions:

A) What national treasure trees are in danger as wildfires continue to rage across California?

B) A judge’s decision to allow mask mandates in Iowa schools has led to some wild meetings for what governmental groups in Iowa?

C) Why does Hispanic Heritage Month start in the middle of the month on September 15? 

D) Which Democratic senator says he will not vote for the $3.5T infrastructure bill?

E) In France, 3000 health care workers have been suspended from their jobs for what reason?

F) Simone Biles and other top American gymnasts testified before the Senate Judiciary committee concerning what group’s failure in the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case?

G) In Iowa, a first cut at redistricting has what 3 of Iowa’s 4 most populous counties in the first district?

H) What state has begun rationing health care due to the huge amount of Covid patients that have overrun their hospitals?

I) Did Iowa’s 3 major universities (U of I, Iowa State and NIU) report a rise or a drop in enrollment this year?

J) About how many US citizens claim some Hispanic Heritage? (+ or – 5 million)

K) What major ally of the US has a national election tomorrow (September 20th)?

L) What other major ally of the US has a national election a week from today (September 26th)?

M) Thanks to 3 no votes from “moderate” Democrats a House committee failed to pass a bill that would allow Medicare to do what?

N) Cigarette manufacturer Phillip Morris has aroused strong reaction for their purchase of a company which makes what lung associated product?

O) There was a gubernatorial recall in California Tuesday? What was the difference between the winner and the all the others?

P) “My cousin in Trinidad won’t get the vaccine cuz his friend got it & became impotent. His testicles became swollen.” Thus began a tweet on the effects of covid vaccines by who?

Q) What country fired two ballistic missiles toward the East Sea on Wednesday?

R) The Atlanta zoo reported an outbreak of covid-19 among what animal group this week?

S) General Mark Milley, Chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff reportedly talked to what country to allay fears that Trump may launch a war against them?

T) SpaceX launched a manned rocket Wednesday. What made this orbital flight historical?

Brett Kavanaugh’s  appointment to SCOTUS was sponsored by The Federalist Society

Chris Wray head of the FBI is a member of The Federalist Society

The FBI received 4.500 tips on Brett Kavanaugh’s behavior

The FBI declined to investigate these allegations

Any Questions? – Jay Rouse 


A) Giant Sequoias

B) School Boards 

C)  Sept. 15 was chosen because it’s the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Also, Mexico’s independence date is Sept. 16 and Chile’s is Sept. 18.

D) Joe Manchin

E) They failed to get covid vaccination by the Sept. 15 deadline

F) The FBI

G) Linn, Johson and Scott counties

H) Idaho

I) a drop

J) 62 million, so 57 to 67 million

K) Canada

L) Germany (can you believe I almost typed West Germany?)

M) negotiate drug prices

N) Asthma inhalers. The deal has brought strong reactions from the medical community

O) Newsom 64%, everybody else 36%

P) Nicki Minaj, whoever she is

Q) North Korea

R) Gorillas – 18 of 20 were infected

S) China

T) Those manning the rocket. ship were all civilians for the first time ever.

Anti-vax conservative radio hosts are the first-ever Willingly Endangered Species. – John Fugelsang

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