Sunday Funday: Breakfast Edition

From CNN comes this story:

If you visit an IHOP in the not-too-distant future, chances are you may encounter some unexpected menu items that weren’t available before: beer, wine and bubbly.

That’s because for the first time, IHOP is offering its franchisees, which run the vast majority of IHOP restaurants, the chance to add an alcohol menu devised by the company.

A handful of IHOP franchises have already been selling alcohol. But previously it was on them to select the menu and launch the new offerings.

On the company’s new menu: Bud Light, Blue Moon and Corona beers, as well as Barefoot Bubbly Brut, Barefoot Bubbly Chardonnay and Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon. Some locations may have local offerings, as well. Hard liquor is not on the menu to avoid making IHOP, a family restaurant, feel like a bar.

What beer goes best with pancakes for breakfast? Been a long time since I had that mix back in the old college days.

And Iowa will be doing a social experiment as it mixes potential super spreader events The Field of Dreams and the State Fair just before the start of school where disease is often easily passed during the first couple of weeks. Please, please, please wear masks and get vaxxed!

A) Broward County, Florida had a sad milestone when how many teachers died from Covid-19 Thursday?

B) Despite assurances from pillow salesman Mike Lindell, what did NOT happen on Friday the 13th?

C) A lawsuit by 8 Indiana U. students to block mandatory vaccinations to enroll this year was dismissed Friday by what Supreme Court Justice?

D) The release of the census was major news this week. Generally did population move into or away from major population centers?

E) How did Iowa’s senators (Grassley and Ernst) vote on the $1.5T infrastructure bill that just passed in the senate?

F) Governor Cuomo resigned Tuesday after being accused of sexually harassing 11 women. How many women has Trump been accused of raping or harassing??

G) What replacement for Gov. Cuomo will be New York’s first female governor?

H) Defying the reporting limits in the STOCK Act, what US Senator revealed that his wife had invested in drug maker Gilead (maker of Remdesivir) while information on Covid-19 was not generally known?

I) The Olympics ended Sunday. Republicans made headlines by cheering the loss of what US team?

J) Continuing to tackle problems that concern most Americans, President Biden announced Thursday he will work with congress to lower the price of what commodity?

K) As Covid-19 cases soar in the US, the FDA authorized what for those with compromised immune systems?

L) Finally a lick of sense. What yearly sporting event for kids that takes place at the end of August yearly announced that it will greatly limit attendance to parents and chosen people?

M) What North American country achieved a vaccination rate of over 70% this week?

N) In another non surprise, what new Democratic program is being credited with a reported drop in households reporting hunger as a problem?

O) What Mediterranean island may have recorded Europe’s highest temperature ever Wednesday at 120 degrees F?

P) California became the first state to mandate vaccinations for what group of professionals Wednesday?

Q) A truly frightening review of the current climate crisis was released Monday by an agency of what international body?

R) President Biden os planning to host a (virtual) summit meeting to address what issue?

S) The long wait is over and what new Jeopardy! host has been named?

T) Delays and cost overruns for what piece of equipment may derail NASA’s plan to return to the moon by 2024?

Delta is bad, but imagine how much worse it would be if Donald “It will go away like a miracle” Trump had been elected. Or you could just look at Florida and Texas. – Stephen King


A) 4 – at least 3 were unvaccinated

B) Trump’s re-installment as president

C) Surprisingly, Amy Coney Barrett

D) Moved into population centers in higher numbers than anticipated

E) Grassley voted for it, Ernst against. Guess which one is running for office next year?

F) 26 – this needs to be moved on

G) Kathy Hochul

H) Rand Paul. That sure seems illegal

I) The US Women’s National Soccer Team. Brett sad for Republicans

J) Prescription drugs

K) a third dose of an mRNA vaccine (Moderna or Pfizer)

L) The Little League World Series

M) Canada!

N) The new Child Tax Credit – pretty sure Miller-Meeks, Hinson and Feenstra voted against this bill

O) Sicily at Syracuse – the temp must be verified.

P) Teachers

Q) the United Nations 

R) Democracy

S) Actually two sort of Mike Richards for regular Jeopardy and Mayim Bialek for prime time and specials

T) The space suit to be used on excursions.

The “Pro-Life Party” will kill us all. – Tea Pain

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  1. A.D. says:

    Great list! I’ll add one more Q & A, just for fun, and it’s cheerful.

    Question: Which beautiful native prairie flower, visited by many kinds of pollinators, is just starting to bloom in much of Iowa this week and is legal at last, after spending decades on the Iowa noxious weed list?

    Answer: Iowa’s native thistles! There are a few invasive non-native thistle species that are still not legal to grow, as is appropriate. But the six kinds of native Iowa thistles are fine to enjoy and plant, and the purple blooms are magnets for monarch butterflies, bumblebees, goldfinches, sphinx moths, and too many other kinds of small wildlife to list. Easy to grow and drought-tolerant. I just looked at one of my thistles, and every open flower has a bee or butterfly.


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