Sunday Funday: 100 Years Since Tulsa Massacre Edition

1921: The Tulsa Race Massacre | Goin’ Back to T-Town | American Experience | PBS (13.5 minutes) 

Most of you have heard references to the Tulsa Massacre at least in recent days. The stories of the attack by whites on the very successful black community of Tulsa, Oklahoma had been mostly buried. Only recently have the stories of what happened the last two days of May and the first day of June, 1921 been revealed. 

Stories like this are the history of our country that needs to be brought to light. How can we improve as a notion if we somehow are led to believe that everything is hunky-dory. While truth is sometimes hard to hear, it must be told in order to evaluate against standards. 

We know that once gamers became ubiquitous and police were being recorded did we start to understand the depth of police brutality against communities of color. Without real measurements on climate change we would not understand how serious climate change is.

Similarly we cannot hide from our racial history. Unless we really know what happened, how can we decide what to do to improve – “to make a more perfect union.” The recent spate of bills in Republican states to keep our kids is going to make the problem worse. It will also make those who will be lied to by their states though their teachers very resentful that they were not trusted with the truth.

We will include some questions on Memorial Day and the Tulsa Massacre.

A)  In a major faux pas last week Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene compared mask mandates to what horrific event in history?

B) As we head into the Memorial Day weekend approximately what percentage of adult Americans have been vaccinated for Covid-19?

C) In a major breach of international rules, Belarus hijacked a commercial flight in progress in order to do what?

D) On a speaking tour, President Biden conveniently had a list Republicans handy who had done what hypocritical act?

E) A jury in Davenport found defendant Bahera Rivera guilty in the death of what female college student from Brooklyn, Iowa?

F) And her chances of getting sick went way down, too. Abbigail Bugenske of Silverton, Ohio became the first winner in Ohio’s lottery staged to get people to do what?

G) Big news from New York this week was about a grand jury being empaneled to investigate possible criminal charges against what former politician?

H) The Greenwood area of Tulsa in 1921 was also known as what, which showed how wealthy the area had become?

I) Gordon Sundland, former US ambassador to the EU is suing former SoS Mike Pompeo because Pompeo’s State Dep’t failed to pay what fees they had promised to pay?

J) What war in American history is often referred to as “the forgotten war”?

K) President Biden is having our intelligence agencies delve deeper into what aspect of the Covid-19 story?

L) CNN fired what former presidential candidate after he made racist remarks concerning Native Americans?

M) What Democratic farmer and former county supervisor announced a run against Chuck Grassley for the Iowa senate seat up in 2022?

N) What was the original name for Memorial Day?

O) 911 systems in Georgia have been overwhelmed in recent days as citizens call in about what 17 year phenomena taking place?

P) In what year was Memorial Day moved from May 30th to the final Monday of May?

Q) The mother of fallen police officer Brian Sicknick lobbied Republican senators to do what last week?

R) Much of the destruction in the Tulsa Massacre was caused by fires. What was used to start the fires in the Greenwood area?

S) Pocket change! What company bought MGM for 8.5 billion last week?

T) A Dutch court ruled that what oil company had to reduce carbon emissions by 45% from 2019 levels by 2030?

Fauci Says Rand Paul Has Developed Full Immunity To  Coronavirus Knowledge. – Andy Borowitz

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A) the Holocaust

B) 50%

C) Arrest a dissident reporter who was on the plane

D) voted against the recovery Act yet took credit for what it did in their districts

E) Molly Tibbets

F) Get vaccinated. Getting vaccinated gets you an entry into the lottery

G) Donald Trump

H) Black Wall Street for its prosperity

I) lawyers fees for his appearance before the impeachment hearing

J) Korean War

K) the possible accidental release from a Wuhan lab

L) Rick Santorum

M) Dave Muhlbauer

N) Decoration Day

O) the cicada emergence

P) 1971

Q) Vote for the independent commission to investigate January 6th. Her lobbying failed

R) Incendiary bombs dropped from airplanes

S) Amazon – whose value has skyrocketed since the pandemic

T) Shell

Republicans Agree To Commission On Hillary Clinton’s Involvement In January 6. – Andy Borowitz

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