Just A Reminder:


If we have learned nothing in the past year, in order to have a functioning economy it surely doesn’t hurt to have a public health care system that works, with competent leadership that will act in the interest of all. 

If 2020 can serve as anything for this country and the world, it should be as a negative lesson on what NOT to do.

Hopefully we will commissions and private investigators digging out things done wrong generally and very specific things done wrong. There is plenty of material to investigate. Among the things that must be ferreted out is the extent to which public servants used their offices to profit from the Covid pandemic and other disasters of the yea, such as the USPS attempted dismantling.

Also, hopefully some butts will be parked in a jail cell when the dust clears. Certainly had norms, laws and regulations been followed it is doubtful things would ever have descended Inyo the hell that it became. Someone was responsible.

Unless there is some accountability, we will set the stage for it to happen again.

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