Just Hoping I Can Survive Covid Kim’s Leadership

Man oh man. Over the past two weeks I have been trying to figure out just what Iowa’s vaccination system is. My search has felt like one of those Russian nesting dolls. I finally figure out how to get inside the top doll only to find another copy of the doll underneath. And I keep going.

I had been talking to friends and relatives who have been vaccinated to figure out what they did that I didn’t do to get the vaccine – what was the system? After several conversations I finally realized on Wednesday that there was no system. Right now it is a catch as catch can set up with various hospitals or pharmacies doing some small amount of vaccinations depending on where you live.

Got to say for about the tenth time during this pandemic – Way to Go, Governor! Not like you didn’t have some time to prepare for possible vaccinations. At least 3 months since Pfizer was first approved.

Perry Beeman at the Capitol Dispatch wrote on the lack of a system Thursday:

Gov. Kim Reynolds on Wednesday defended the state’s delay in setting up a centralized COVID-19 vaccine scheduling system, which is still weeks away.

At the governor’s news conference, a reporter asked why Reynolds’ administration is just now moving to set up a central vaccine scheduling system when then-President Donald Trump had discussed starting vaccinations before the November election.

“We tried to take the infrastructure that we have and make that available,” Reynolds said. “Some of the problem is really a lot of our systems are so antiquated and they’re siloed and they’re not operating at a capacity that we need them to.”

Reynolds compared the problem to when the state realized there was no central count of intensive care beds day to day, even though each facility had the information. The state then came up with a way to track that. 

Well, no time like the present my Mom used to say. Hope you are preparing now. A little late, but better than next June.

Got to congratulate you on not consulting anyone on changing Covid-19 precautions last week. Maybe no one told you, but there are other people who should be involved in decisions.

Here’s hoping we can survive your “leadership” until we can find a competent leader.

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2 Responses to Just Hoping I Can Survive Covid Kim’s Leadership

  1. A.D. says:

    It’s interesting to know people in other states who got vaccinated weeks ago. I’m happy for them and sorry for us.

    But who can beat Reynolds? Who has the chops, who has the rep, and who doesn’t suffer from, through no fault of their own, the Candidate-From-Des-Moines Curse? We don’t seem to exactly have a long wonderful list to choose from at this point. Who will it be?


    • Dave Bradley says:

      Wish I had a crystal ball …..
      And, like Trump, the more she screws up the more popular she seems. Some kind of reverse popularity spell or something.


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