Sunday Funday: Only A Year Ago Edition

Just a year ago America was coming under the throes of a couple of illnesses that were about to rage out of control to make 2020 one of the worst, if not the worst year on record. On February 5th, 2020 Donald Trump was acquitted in his impeachment trial by the US Senate. Senator Susan Collins of Maine said that Trump “Learned a pretty big lesson.”

The only lesson that Trump learned was that he could pretty much do whatever he wanted and the spineless politicians in his party would bail his ass out no matter what. 

The illness Trump in turn helped lead to perhaps the biggest single disaster in American history. On Feb. 6th, 2020 the first American’s death was directly tied to the corona virus. There have been 500,000 more in the year since, more than any single war in American history. Trump, having been freed from any scrutiny by his spineless party, proceeded to address the Pandemic as if he were a two-year old. His party followed his lead.

This is black history month. Expect a few questions in that genre today.

  1. President Biden Thursday called for a diplomatic end to the war on what small Middle-East country?
  1. Hey it is Super Bowl Sunday! Who was the first black QB to win the Super Bowl?
  1. We almost had a coup last month. What SE Asian nation did have a coup early last week?
  1. That clause in the constitution that says the VP can cast a vote in the senate to break a tie came into play when who cast a vote for the Covid-19 package Friday morning?
  1. Methinks this one is a lie for sure. Congress member Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q-Ga) stated in that past that California wild fires were ignited by what?
  1. One more for the Super Bowl. When did two black head coaches oppose each other in the Super Bowl?
  1. Iowa is very near the bottom in number of vaccines for corona virus administered. What percent of Iowans have been vaccinated?
  1. The House voted to remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from House committees. How did Iowa’s Republicans in the House vote on this issue?
  1. Loving v. Virginia (1967) was the Supreme Court case that allowed what between races?
  1. My Pillow is getting competition. What hero of a high school shooting says he will start a pillow company to compete directly with My Pillow?
  1. Fox News is being sued by what voting machine company for $2.7 Billion?
  1. In the Iowa State House, Speaker Pat Grassley will enforce rules on wearing jeans but not on wearing what public health need during the pandemic?
  1. Actor Hal Holbrook died last week. He was best known for two roles, one of which involved portraying what super star author from a previous era?
  1. Deaths from corona virus passed what sad milestone in Iowa Thursday?
  1. The state of North Carolina announced that it would no longer issue license plates with what symbol on it?
  1. What US ally declared the Proud Boys as a terrorist group in their country?
  1. Russia is claiming fantastic results for its version of a corona virus vaccine which is named what after an early USSR space program?
  1. September, 1963 the 16th Street Baptist Church in what Alabama city killing four young girls and adding impetus to a future civil rights bill?
  1. September, 1957 saw national TV news covering the integration of what southern state capital’s high school?
  1. Who said this – “If not us then who? If not now, then when?”

This is just personal taste, but if I were a lawmaker I’d be less worried about making a bill bipartisan if the other party had sent a mob to murder me 4 weeks ago. – Zack Borenstein

Oops! This just in:


  1. Yemen
  1. Doug Williams of the (oddly) Redskins in 1988
  1. Myanmar (aka Burma)
  1. VP Kamala Harris (just wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten her)
  1. Jewish space lasers
  1. 2007 when Tony Dunge’s Colts played Lovie Smith’s Bears
  1. 6.2% as of Friday
  1. They voted to keep her on the committees.
  1. Marriage
  1. David Hogg
  1. Smartmatic
  1. Face masks
  1. Mark Twain
  1. 5,000
  1. The confederate battle flag
  1. Canada
  1. Sputnik
  1. Birmingham
  1. Little Rock
  1. The recently departed John Lewis

What is systemic racism you ask? When a 9 year old African American child gets handcuffed and assaulted with a chemical agent, while the courts decide if the QShaman gets organic food in prison.

Now ya know. – gfano2 tweet

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