Change My Pants?

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell from her legislative web page

During the first few weeks of the legislative session, House Democrats have repeatedly called on Republicans to follow the advice of public health officials and require that legislators, staff, and visitors wear masks in the State Capitol  to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (as of this week, five confirmed cases have been detected in the Iowa House). Republicans have refused to institute a mask mandate because Speaker Grassley claims it cannot be enforced on the House floor.

So, yesterday  I wore jeans in violation of House Rules to prove him wrong. First, I was asked by the Chief Clerk to change my pants and I refused. Next, because of my jeans, Speaker Grassley refused to let me speak against a bill that would end diversity plans in Iowa school districts.

We are in the middle of a pandemic that has killed thousands in Iowa and hundreds of thousands across this country. Republicans will crack down on Democrats wearing denim but can’t muster the courage to have lawmakers and others at the Capitol wear masks to save lives?

Can you chip in today to help House Democrats hold Republicans accountable and make the Capitol safe for legislators, staff, and visitors?

By refusing to follow public health guidelines like face coverings and social distancing, Republicans are putting all who work at and visit the Capitol in danger. It’s time House Republicans step up and do the right thing.

Chip in to help us hold the Republican majority accountable in the Iowa House.


Thank you for your support. As President Biden says, “Truth over lies.”


Beth Wessel-Kroeschell

State Representative, District 45

Quick Comment:

Once again, Republicans use public office to make Iowa a national laughingstock. Rather than take on serious issues of the majority of Iowans in a serious way Republicans go about the business of passing the Koch approved ALEC legislative agenda that is on desired by the far right wing (that is their rich donors) of their party.

From Rachel Maddow this week (3 minutes):

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