Sunday Funday: MLK And Inauguration Week Edition

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Just seems sort of like the stars aligning that we would have the inauguration of the administration to rescue America from one of its worst crises ever to happen during the week of the celebration of the life of one of America’s greatest believers in HOPE, Dr. Martin Luther King.

Anybody want to make the connection between Dr. King and America’s first black member of the executive branch in VP Kamala Harris is free to do so. Let us not forget that Harris also is the first to represent that other great oppressed group in the executive branch, women. 

Right now I couldn’t be more full of hope as we climb out of the hole Trump dug us into. Last time I was so full of hope, a young black leader by the name of Obama was tasked with digging us out of the huge hole George W. Bush had put us in. I suspect the Biden-Harris team will do as good if not better than that Obama-Biden team.

One last note: For America’s sake please Donald Trump just disappear until they put you in jail.

  1. In a break in the wall stopping a peaceful transition, what member of the current administration contacted his successor Friday?
  1. The current death rate from corona virus in this country is just short of how many people per minute?
  1. The current administration promised to release the vaccines reserved for followup inoculations. When the reserve was opened up, how much was there?
  1. Georgia’s first black senator, Rev. Ralph Warnock was elected earlier this month in a run-off election. In a twist of fate, what church is Rev. Warnock the pastor of?
  1. A question for old Iowa basketball fans. Who did MLK give the written copy of his “I Have A Dream” speech to when he finished in August of 1963?
  1. Speaker Pelosi turned to what highly respected retired Army general to investigate the Trump coup of January 6th?
  1. There will be dogs back in the White House. What group will hold an ‘indoguration’ ceremony for Biden rescue dog Major later today?
  1. Following the coup attempt what sports governing body cancelled a major tournament at Trump’s Bedminster Golf Course?
  1. Time and tide wait for no one. The state of Iowa celebrates what birthday this year in December?
  1. There is no pee in our bathrooms! What Trump family members refused to let the Secret Service detail guarding them use their bathrooms? This caused SS to incur a $3,000/month charge to access a bathroom.
  1. What former governor of Michigan has been charged in the Flint water fiasco in which thousands of mostly minority children incurred lead poisoning?
  1. Dr. King first gained notoriety nationally when he led a bus boycott in what major Southern city?
  1. How long did that boycott last?
  1. Do you know the name of the Capitol Policeman who may have saved many, many senators when he was able to get the angry mob to follow him away from the unguarded Senate chamber?
  1. What was the name of the right wing Twitter wannabe site that went dark as platform after platform removed access to them?
  1. He crapped out. What Las Vegas casino owner and major Republican donor died last week?
  1. How many Republican members of the US House put their country first and voted for impeachment Wednesday?
  1. Speaker Pelosi announced fines for House members who violate what two rules?
  2. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cancelled a final trip on our nickel after he was snubbed by the Foreign Secretary of what European country?
  1. Robert Keith Packer is a name most of us will forget quickly. However, we may long remember the hateful sweatshirt he wore that said what?

Raise your hand if you’d like to see Andy Biggs, Mo Brooks, Paul Gosar and Lauren Boebert testify under oath in front of Congress on live television for 11 straight hours to explain how the dipsh*ts with the zip ties found out where everybody’s secure locations were. – Jeff Tiedrich


  1. VP Pence reached out to future VP Kamala Harris
  1. 3 – we have been well over 4,000 deaths per day for a while
  1. Nothing
  1. The Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta where Rev. D. Martin Luther King once pastored
  1. Former Iowa men’s basketball coach George Raveling.
  1. General Honore
  1. The Delaware Humane Society where Major was rescued at
  1. The PGA
  1. 175th
  1. Ivanka and Jared
  1. Rick Snyder
  1. Montgomery, Alabama
  1. Dec 5, 1955 – Dec 20, 1956 – just over a year
  1. Eugene Goodman – he may be nominated for a Congressional Gold Medal
  1. Parler
  1. Sheldon Adelman
  1. 10 out 207
  1. $500 for not wearing a mask and $5000 for going around the newly installed metal detector. Fines will be deducted from members paychecks.
  1. Luxemburg’s Foreign Secretary 
  1. “Camp Auschwitz”

Next Week we will be running this feature under a new US Administration and new Senate leadership!

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