American Democracy Is Alive But Not Well

Yesterday was as scary as it’s ever been over the last four years.

Lately, every day Democracy lives to see another day feels like a huge, hard fought win.

Yesterday was a dark day in America. It  appears that today we are still standing. I wasn’t sure we would be for awhile there.

I’m at least glad it’s the Republicans who are protesting (rioting) because that means they’re losing.

Trump has lost and is doing everything in his power to have that not be so, but nothing he and the Republicans have tried to overturn the results of the election has worked. I can view that as a testament to the strength of our institutions and the American people who voted. Despite how fragile we seem to be at times, our country has withstood an enormous malevolent force these last four years.

Trump will not get a second term in the White House. Democrats have won the White House and after the special election in Georgia, we also secured control of the Senate and are now in charge of both houses of congress. This is no small thing.

As a nation we held off and beat back Trumpism, the propaganda machine, the tsunami of lies, the money, the ignorance, the racism, and the hate in all of its forms.

And we did it handily. Biden won by at least seven million votes.

Mitch McConnell is no longer the Senate Majority Leader.

Iowa took a step backwards. It remains to be seen if we can correct our course.

But at least for today, Democracy in America is alive, if not well.

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