Hart Campaign Files Notice of Contest Under Federal Contested Elections Act

Tuesday update from the Rita Hart campaign

“Today I filed a Notice of Contest under the Federal Contested Elections Act.

That means that I am asking a bipartisan committee in Congress for a full and thorough review of this election and a full district recount. In this filing, we brought to light 22 legally-cast votes that were unlawfully excluded from the initial tally. Although we are certain that if all legal votes are counted, I will be the winner, what’s important is that there are Iowans who did not have their votes counted in this election.

Here are just a few examples of some of those 22 votes:

A college student studying away from home received a faulty envelope. She went through great pains to ensure her vote would count, but when she sent it back to her County Auditor, it wasn’t.

Two Iowans living with a disability legally cast their ballots curbside and trusted election workers to make sure their votes were counted. And they weren’t.

Due to a counting error, nine Iowans in Marion County did not have their legally cast ballots counted on Election Day. This error meant that, under Iowa law, their ballots couldn’t be counted as a part of the recount.

If our voting system is meant to work for all of us, then we as Iowans cannot accept that legal votes were left out of the count. That is my mission – to count every vote, and to give every Iowan the voice they deserve and have been promised through our Democracy.

Thank you for your support,

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