Advocate Now For Legislative Issues In January

And now a word from senator Rob Hogg:

Dear Iowans:

The Iowa Legislature convenes January 11. What do you want the Legislature to do in 2021?

One immediate need is to help Iowans with food assistance.

Last week, Senator-Elect Sarah Trone Garriott and I wrote a guest column urging legislators to provide supplemental funds for food assistance. (See below for links to the guest column.) This was a follow-up to the joint statement released December 14 by Iowa Senate Democratic Leader Zach Wahls and other Senate Democrats calling for food assistance.

Here are four different links to the column that you can read and share on your social media:

Potluck Media:

Ottumwa Courier:

Cedar Rapids Gazette:

Iowa Senate Democrats:

You can also follow Senator-Elect Trone Garriott on Twitter and Facebook at @SarahforIowa.

Please keep speaking up – and inviting others to speak up – with your state legislators and legislators across the state to support immediate state food assistance and other basic needs when we convene on January 11. We need advocacy now, over the holidays, so that legislators are ready to act quickly when we convene. This is a January issue, not an April issue.

You can find contact information for returning legislators at this link:

You can find contact information for newly elected legislators at this link:

The need for food assistance is high in Iowa. While I support private efforts and appreciate federal aid, the reality is that Iowans need more help to get through the winter and the rest of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic.

Iowa has over $305 million in cash surplus and over $770 million in our “rainy day” funds. That’s over $1 billion. Let’s use some of that money to help Iowans in need.

And remember, food assistance doesn’t just help hungry Iowans. As Senator-Elect Trone Garriott and I write, it can help farmers, community grocery stores, and restaurants, too, and it is important for our health, our communities, and our economy.

Please keep speaking up so we can make food security and other basic needs a top priority in 2021.


The coronavirus epidemic has now killed over 3,500 Iowans, or more than one out of every 900 Iowans. Please keep up your work to stop the spread, and call Gov. Reynolds’ office at 515-281-5211 to urge her to take action to stop the spread and to protect caregivers and the most vulnerable Iowans.


Tuesday, December 29, 7 pm – The Disability Caucus of the Iowa Democratic Party is hosting a legislative forum. For more details, or to register, visit:


Just a reminder that I am raising money for “Iowa’s Democratic Resurgence.” We don’t know what the state legislative maps will look like yet, but I promise that every dollar you contribute will go to helping Democratic candidates for the state legislature in 2022.

You can contribute by sending a check to “Citizens for Rob Hogg,” P.O. Box 1361, Cedar Rapids, IA 52406, or you can contribute online at this link:


I hope this information is helpful. As always, let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. Together, we can help feed hungry Iowans, stop the coronavirus epidemic, and build Iowa back better than ever.

State Senator Rob Hogg


Senator Rob Hogg
Cedar Rapids
Telephone: (319) 247-0223
Twitter: @SenatorRobHogg

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