Iowa’s Water Problem: Three Things You Can Do Over The Holidays


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‘Tis the season to fight for clean water and hold our local & state officials accountable to protecting our natural resources!

Here’s 3 ways that you can help protect our right to clean water this holiday season:

  • Submit a public comment on the impaired waterways report to the Iowa DNR by January 1.
    From Dec 21 to April 1, no liquid manure application is allowed on snow-covered ground. From Feb 1 to April 1, no liquid manure application is allowed on frozen ground. Manure that is applied on snow-covered or frozen ground will run directly into our waterways come springtime when the ground thaws.
  • If you see any manure spreading during the winter months, report it to the DNR at 515-725-8200 and to Iowa CCI at 
    The DNR recently released the 2020 impaired waterways report which once again showed our waterways are not getting any better and the DNR is failing to address our clean water crisis. Learn more and submit a letter here.
  • Contact your county supervisor and tell them to pass the Master Matrix resolution in January.
    It’s that time of year again when county supervisors must vote on, pass and submit the Master Matrix resolution to the Iowa DNR between January 1 and January 31 in order to weigh in on factory farm construction in their communities. We know the Master Matrix is far from perfect, but it is one of the tools in our organizing toolkit that we can use to stop or slow the expansion of the factory farm industry.
    Learn more about the Master Matrix and why passing this resolution is important here.

Clean water is a basic human right, and there is still much work to be done to ensure that every Iowan has access to water that is safe to drink and recreate in.

What do we all need for the holidays this year? CLEAN WATER!

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