Sunday Funday: It Ain’t Over Til It’s Over Edition

Stress relief:

It should come as no surprise that I write this ahead of time, usually on Friday. Before Trump most news was done by Friday noon. So we could write the quiz and enjoy the weekend while still looking like we were on top of things. Yet since Trump we have tried to fake our way through it for these many years.

All that is to lead in to this hardly surprising revelation. Much that I write today may have been change by Sunday at 5AM. I am satisfied that at least for a short time it was considered true. Frankly, I am so giddy at the prospect of no more Trump, I really don’t care. No more of his family and his miserable sycophants . Sadly the lapdog Republican congress members are still there.

And just to add to my euphoria, just before I started this column we get news that RITA HART! Has taken the lead in Ia-02. 

  1. Happy and solemn Veteran’s Day to all Vets Wednesday. What was Veteran’s Day originally known as?
  1. The first cases to be argued before the newly constituted SCOTUS involved the rights of what group of people?
  1. Iowa’s daily new corona virus cases soared last week topping what almost unimaginable number last Thursday?
  1. The three major professional sports leagues in the US – baseball, basketball and football – reported expected losses of how much due to the corona virus?
  1. Iowa’s climatologist’s prediction for the coming winter says this winter will be what?
  1. It is November and there is still what tropical storm / hurricane wandering in the Gulf of Mexico?
  1. Among the many things voted on Tuesday was a referendum on statehood for Puerto Rico. How did that vote turn out?
  1. Dear Leader claimed what during a national address on the election Tuesday that caused national networks to immediately cease coverage of his press conference?
  1. Denmark found a mutation in the corona virus among what animal that had spread to humans that will lead to the culling of 15 million of these animals?
  1. Despite the current warm spell October in Iowa was exceptionally what?
  1. What major nation recorded 0 corona virus cases Monday? This was the first time in 5 months.
  1. November 8, 1923 Adolf Hitler and comrades fail in a coupe attempt to take over the government of Germany in an event known as what?
  1. During the election counting and the various controversies pushed by Republicans, what once major administration player has been noticeably missing?
  1. Corona virus numbers nationally topped what shameful number Friday?
  1. Was he a spoiler? Kanye West got approximately how many votes in his first run for the presidency?
  1. In the past 7 presidential elections (since 1992) how many times have Republicans won the popular vote?
  1. Which two states will split their electoral votes this year?
  1. Which state elected a US House delegation made up entirely of women of color?
  1. It almost sounded like a game of Clue. A Russian oligarch was killed in his sauna with a what last week?
  1. The War on drugs is over and the drugs won. What state passed a referendum to decriminalize hard drugs (eg – heroine, cocaine)?

As a comedian, I voted against my self-interest. I would be thrilled to have less material. – Andy Borowitz


  1. Armistice Day – the end of WWI 
  1. LGBTQ
  1. 5,000 new cases
  1. 13 billion dollars
  1. Long and cold
  1. Eta which slammed into Central America last week and is still wandering around.
  1. In favor of statehood 52 – 48
  1. That he had won and there were “illegal” votes.
  1. Minks
  1. Cold – nearly the coldest ever recorded
  1. Australia
  1. “ The Beer Hall Putsch”
  1. AG Bill Barr
  1. 10 million
  1. 60,000 – probably what cost Trump the election.
  1. Once in 2004. That was mostly because W Bush was the incumbent.
  1. Nebraska and Maine. They each have state laws that split their electoral votes by congressional district.
  1. New Mexico
  1. Crossbow
  1. Oregon

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