Sunday Funday: Scary Week Edition

This is that odd year when Halloween lands on a Saturday. Normally that would delight fans of the holiday like yours truly. However, the one of the biggest monsters ever stepped in early to put a stop to most Halloween partying this year. The giant orange monster known as Trump – who had the power to at least slow down a horrifying disease chose not to try to stop it since it might disturb his beauty sleeps – let the disease take over the land called America. 

So no partying Saturday night or you may end up with the curse of the monster Trump. Too bad kids, better luck next time!

I also have a reminder concerning time. Yep it is that time of year. Republicans are trying to ram through a new Supreme Court justice. That will be later this week. If they do so, women will be advised to turn their clocks back to 1789 or 1889, I can’t remember which. Prospects are that they will lose their reproductive rights and may revert to being property of their husbands. You can thank the Monster Trump for this also.

Now to our regularly scheduled quiz.

  1. Among the many surprises of the week was that our Dear Leader has a previously unmentioned or disclosed bank account in what supposed enemy nation?
  1. Do we know what the value of the above bank account is?
  1. Presidential lawyer Rudy Giuliani was caught on video by what comedian while he (Giuliani) was apparently trying to get ready for sex with a young girl?
  1. New Yorker writer Jeffrey Toobin was suspended after what incident Tuesday during a Zoom conference call?
  1. The big news in Iowa is that the “Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin” was awarded to the PrairieMoon on Main restaurant in what small Iowa town?
  1. What major national politician showed up Wednesday with hands so black and blue that it looked like they had been run over by a car?
  1. “I am the least racist person in this room.” This old racist trope was trotted out once again by what major politician?
  1. Pope Francis surprised the world when he became the first pontiff to endorse what for gay people?
  1. In a really strange incident October 25th, 1983 the US invaded what tiny country?
  1. Corona virus cases and deaths in the US are on an upswing or downswing right now?
  1. Where does Iowa’s current corona virus infection rate per million stand in the US?
  1. A lawsuit in what state is challenging a ruling by the Secretary of State that what can not be carried into polling places?
  1. Jake Tapper of CNN called out what member of the Trump family for mocking Candidate Biden’s stutter during an interview on his “State of the Union” show?
  1. 827,000 Iowans had requested absentee ballots as of 10/20. How many total votes were cast in Iowa for president in 2016?
  1. Dear Leader walked out during an interview Tuesday that was being taped to be shown tonight on which TV program?
  1. What pharma company company faces up to $8.3 Billion in fines for its part in the promotion and marketing of the opioid Oxycontin?
  1. As the corona virus picks up in Iowa, word leaked out that that Iowa would do what to its Test Iowa drive through locations?
  1. During a campaign rally last week, Dear Leader said he could call what company and ask for a campaign donation in return for government favors?
  1. A girl in Frisco, Texas won a $25,000 science contest sponsored by 3M for her discovery of a possible way to stop the corona virus from entering a healthy cell. How old is this girl?
  1. Lawyers appointed by a federal judge say they have yet to track down the parents of how many children separated from their parents at the border?


  1. China
  1. No, but we do know Trump paid $182,000 in taxes on it from 2013 – 2015. So it must be substantial.
  1. Borat
  1. Toobin thought he had shut his camerawomen down during a break and was seen masturbating by other members of he call.
  1. Prairieburg @ 30miles NE of Cedar Rapids
  1. Mitch McConnell – he refused to talk about it.
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Civil unions – while this is a step forward it is well short of actual marriage.
  1. Grenada. Still no real reason but to make a president look powerful.
  1. They are on a big upswing, averaging over 60,000 a day with days over 75,000
  1. We are number 7 with 35,783 per million
  1. Guns – Michigan is an “Open carry” state.
  1. Lara Trump
  1. 1,566,000 
  1. 60 minutes
  1. Purdue – but no jail time.
  1. Shut down 2/3rds of them November 6th
  1. Exxon-Mobil
  1. Anika Chebrolu of Frisco, Texas is 14. She is of south-east Asian (Indian) heritage.  
  1. 545 – this is shameful and a stain on America.

225,000 people are dead in this country. Vote for their families. There are black men and women being oppressed in this country who are regularly murdered by police. Vote for their families. There are 545 children who may never see their parents again. Vote for humanity. – Chelsea Handler

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