Sunday Funday: Voting In Iowa Starts Next Week Edition

The one and only Randy Rainbow weighs in with his choice! (4 minutes)

Okay – Sync up calendars: First debate Tuesday night – Joe Biden versus the Monumental Liar. 

Early balloting starts in Iowa next Monday October 5th. Mark your calendars and check your voter registration. My county auditor (a Republican) told me that if we do not have our absentee ballots in hand by 10/12/2020 to give them a call. 

Then follow your plan for voting. We will vote at home and then hop in the car and drive to the county seat where we will either deposit our ballots in the deposit box at the courthouse or take them directly to the auditor’s office. Be sure you have a plan. In the following you may find some reasons why it is so important to have a plan to vote this year:

  1. What two governors were reported to have tested positive for the coronavirus last week?
  2. What two major marks were surpassed in the coronavirus pandemic in the US last week?
  1. The ultimate in recycling. In Viet Nam what used product was cleaned by the thousands, dried and reblocked so they could be resold to the public?
  1. What state has surrendered to the coronavirus and lifted all restrictions on bars, restaurants and masks? (Hint: don’t visit this state)
  1. Iowa’s Chuck Grassley claims there is no hypocrisy between his stance in 2016 and his stance today on what issue?
  1. Finland has deployed dogs at airports in an attempt to to catch incoming passengers who have what disease?
  1. Residents of Edgewood, Iowa banded together to buy the real estate and business when the owners of the town’s only what decided to get out of the business?
  1. There were no charges filed against police in the death of Breonna Taylor in what city last week?
  1. What Republican senator was seen begging for donations on the Sean Hannity Show this week since his opponent is receiving huge online donations?
  1. 489 former national security officials signed a letter endorsing who for president?
  1. Tuesday’s debate: Where is it being held and who is the moderator?
  1. The wife of the late Republican presidential candidate John McCain (Cindy McCain) endorsed which presidential candidate this week?
  1. Which candidate said they would not accept the results of the election if he lost?
  1. In Iowa, four people were arrested in the murder of a black man and their attempt to destroy the body by what means?
  1. In Florida, who paid the fines of over 31,000 ex-felons so they could vote in this year’s elections?
  1. Acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf said in a congressional committee hearing that the most lethal internal threat to the US was what?
  1. Which of Dear Leader’s children has been forced to give a deposition under oath October 7th in New York as part of a fraud investigation into Trump’s real estate businesses?
  1. 2035 – what state banned the sale of gas powered cars in its state by that date last week?
  1. Dear Leader tweeted his “health care plan” this week that looked much like what current law plus a bribe for seniors?
  1. Football legend, running back Gayle Sayers of the Chicago Bears was also famous for a book he wrote and a movie about his friendship with what Bear’s teammate?

White House Press Secretary: ‘Trump’s Critics Will Seize On Any Six-Figure Death Toll That Suits Their Narrative’ – The Onion

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  1. Northam of Virginia and Parson of neighboring Missouri. Both of their wives tested positive also.
  1. 200,000 deaths and 7,000,000 cases. 
  1. Condoms, something like 348,000. This is illegal, btw.
  1. Florida – laid out the Welcome mat for the virus Friday.
  1. The nomination of a Supreme Court justice during an election year. Chuck lies.
  1. The dogs will sniff for coronavirus
  1. Grocery Store
  1. Louisville, Ky. One officer was cited for “wanton endangerment” for shooting into neighboring apartments.
  1. Lyndsey Graham of South Carolina.
  1. Joe Biden
  1. Location: Cleveland – Moderator: Fox’s Chris Wallace
  1. Joe Biden
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Burning the corpse
  1. Michael Bloomberg
  1. White Supremacists
  1. Eric
  1. California
  1. Obamacare
  1. Brian Piccolo

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