Sunday Funday: Falling Into Autumn Edition

If you are not familiar with Stella, the leaf jumping dog, you are about to be delighted. Here is 3:10 of her greatest jumps that capture the joy many of us feel when autumn comes around:

Autumn: Cool temperatures, crisp skies, beautiful leaves and voting out the worst president ever. 

Thanks to that president there will be fewer football games, but you probably don’t want to go to them anyway. Halloween will be a ghost of itself this year. Let’s hope the pandemic stays out of the school halls this year.

Just when you think it can’t get any worse, there is a Trump to prove you wrong.

  1. A woman name Olivia Troye made headlines for endorsing Joe Biden for president. Why was this a big deal?
  1. They called an audible and did a reverse. What conference decided that maybe they will play football this fall after all?
  1. We are almost through the alphabet for names of tropical storms this year. When does the tropical storm season officially end?
  1. The magazine Scientific American broke a 175 year tradition when they endorsed what candidate for president this year?
  1. The Polk County (Iowa) Democratic Party held its annual steak fry last week but what precautions did they take to avoid spreading the coronavirus?
  1. Amy Dorris Thursday became a member of a group of 26 women who have done what?
  1. Dear Leader railed against what history project this week as he proposed forming a “1776 Commission” to “teach children the miracle of American History”?
  1. Speaking of tropical storms, what hurricane hit the southeastern US this week coming ashore near Pensacola, Florida?
  1. Dear Leader had another coronavirus super spreader event in what state as people packed inside an arena, mostly maskless to hear his ramblings?
  1. It is against the law for government employees to do personal work for their leaders. What cabinet official’s wife had employees help her with personal Christmas cards last year?
  1. What chief political rival of Russian president Vladimir Putin has come out of a poison induced coma in Germany?
  1. Dear Leader and his son-in-law Jared Kushner reportedly decided not to employ a national strategy on the coronavirus because of what reason?
  1. In a conference call with US Attorneys, AG Bill Barr called for violent demonstrators to be charged with what rarely used law?
  1. What computer apps are scheduled to be blocked today by Dear Leader’s administration if they are not sold to US companies?
  1. On September 20, 1973 the “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match took place in Houston, Texas between what participants?
  1. FBI head, Christopher Wray, in testimony before described what as an ideology and not a group?
  1. He’s Back! Or about to be. What Iowa politician will return from his ambassador’s post to save Iowa Republicans this fall?
  1. The City of Louisville, Kentucky will pay how much to the family of Breonna Taylor in settlement for her death at the hands of police?
  1. Saturday Night Live announced what actor will play the role of Joe Biden when the sketch comedy show returns this fall?
  1. What cable TV host called Speaker Pelosi “Crazy Nancy” to the Speaker’s face last week during an interview?

Dwight Eisenhower on the Holocaust “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”


  1. She was VP Pence’s top aide on his coronavirus task force 
  1. The Big Ten or should I say the B1G 
  1. Nov. 30
  1. Joe Biden.   
  1. The event was drive in and eat in your car
  1. Accused Donald Trump of sexually assaulting her
  1. The 1619 Project
  1. Hurricane Sally
  1. Nevada
  1. SoS Mike Pompeo
  1. Alexei Navalny
  1. The virus was only in “blue states” 
  1. Sedition
  1. Tiktok and WeChat
  1. Bobby Riggs and Billy Jean King
  1. Antifa
  1. Terry Branstad
  1. $12 million
  1. Jim Carrey
  1. CNBC’s Jim Cramer (he’s still alive?)

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  1. Tom Sacco says:

    While I was watching video of Stella, one of my cats jumped to the top of my “office” style chair. She saw what was on my computer screen, then jumped off.


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