Sunday Funday: Back From The Alternate Reality Edition

Rachel Maddow boils Dear Leader’s speech down to its component lies in 3 minutes:

Some Americans just spent 4 days on a trip to distorted reality where up is down, black is white and where reality is defined by what is said, not by what observed and measured. Said another way, the Republican convention is over. The Praise-a-Thon for one of the most loathsome characters real or imagined in American history.

Iowa’s schools started this week. Iowa’s coronavirus cases super-spiked this week. Who could ever have guessed those sentences would be written together when Reynolds bullied school systems to reopen in the face of an out of control pandemic?

Pandemic, huge hurricanes, drought, forest fires, derechos, few vacations, most travel curtailed, movie theaters closed or barely opening, Americans bated to recoil against the most simple safety protocol against the pandemic (masks), inadequate and unreliable testing, the USPS under siege by the US Government, health care being attacked by Republicans, Social Security and Medicare targeted if Republicans win, super spreader events held by Republicans, sporting events stopped for the most part, those that take place are played in empty stadia, climate change gathering momentum, racial strife reminiscent of the worst days of our history, our country bows to Russia and ignores countries that were once our friends, far right wing militias allowed to shoot people in the street, science ignored and fantasies treated as real, an economy in steep decline, the wealth inequality at an all time high, and we still have children in cages at the border.

This is a short version of what Dear Leader has accomplished in less than a term. On the plus side he didn’t explode a nuclear bomb, yet.

  1. Among other bad news last week, Iowa recorded its first death among what age group?
  1. Who gave the pre-response to Dear Leader’s Thursday night speech for the Democrats?
  1. Republicans bemoaned the death of a federal officer in Oakland during demonstrations. They implied the officer was shot by demonstrators. In actuality the officer was shot by a member of what White Supremacist group?
  1. Friday was the anniversary of MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech at the march on Washington. After the speech King gave his physical copy of the speech to what then teenager who would later have Iowa ties?
  1. September 1st, 1939 at 5:30 local time what major historical event took place in Europe?
  1. Racial strife this week stemmed from a police shooting of unarmed black man Jacob Blake in what midwestern city?
  1. In one response to this shooting, professional sports teams did what?
  1. Kyle Rittenhouse, a self-appointed white militia member shot and killed two people during a demonstration supporting Jacob Blake. What national commentator claimed Rittenhouse was trying to “maintain order”?
  1. Hurricanes, hurricanes. What two hurricanes pummeled the Louisiana coast this week in a highly unusual one-two punch?
  1. Besides the derecho, Iowa’s crops are being hit with a drought that is the worst since when?
  1. August 28th is the birthday of the first American catholic saint, Elizabeth Ann (Mother) Seaton. We still see her legacy day across the US. What education system did Seaton begin?
  1. A man in a Springfield, Massachusetts Walmart greeted people with a hug last week and then told those he hugged that what had happened?
  1. Jerry Falwell, Jr.? Didn’t he used to be the president of what religious university in Richmond, Virginia?
  1. In a press conference Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said whose tax returns would be released if Democrats win the White House?
  1. The 15 year old daughter of what high profile Washington, DC couple filed for emancipation from her parents Tuesday?
  1. If things do not improve Dear Leader will be the first president to have job losses during his term since what other Republican president?
  1. Thumbing their nose at laws that prohibit administration members from politics, SoS Pompeo gave a political speech for his boss from what foreign city?
  1. In the state of Georgia, officials had to issue a warning not to drink what to combat the corona virus?
  1. The World Health Organization announced the eradication of what ‘wild’ disease in Africa?
  1. While Dr. Fauci was in surgery, the CDC announce a policy that called for testing to no longer be given to what group?


  1. Children under 5. While the death happened in June it was not recorded until late last week.
  1. VP candidate, Senator Kamala Harris
  1. The Boogaloo Boys
  1. Former Iowa men’s basketball coach George Raveling
  1. Germany attacked Poland officially starting WWII
  1. Kenosha, Wisconsin
  1. Held a wildcat strike that stopped baseball and playoff basketball games.
  1. Tucker Carlson 
  1. Marcos and Laura
  1. 2013
  1. The catholic parochial school system
  1. “Just giving you a Covid hug. You now have Covid,”
  1. Liberty U. Of course you know why he resigned
  1. Dear Leader’s
  1. George Conway and administration spokes-liar KellyAnne Conway
  1. Herbert Hoover. Had George W’s term been a couple months longer he would have had losses also.
  1. Jerusalem
  1. Bleach – wherever did they get such an idea?
  1. Polio
  1. Asymptomatic patients. I believe they have since backtracked on this, since such a policy would be crazy.

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