Call Me Old Fashioned

But I Will Vote For The Guy Who Is Not Trying To Kill Me!

Call me old fashioned, but I will not be voting for the candidate for president whose incompetence, corruption and purposeful inaction will have killed a quarter of a million Americans by Election Day. When an American official’s performance results in massive deaths that man does not deserve to be put back into office, he deserves to be brought to trial. Especially a president!

Call me old fashioned, but I will not be voting for a senate candidate whose career is based on being a toady to the above President. When policies are clearly wrong and harmful we need a senator who puts country before party. Senator Ernst has never once put her country first as a senator. Those elected to such lofty offices must have at least some knowledge of right and wrong and the courage to stand up to the wrong.

Therefore I will be voting for the presidential candidate that has already offered a plan to confront the corona virus. While the corona virus is the top issue in this election, there are many others which Mr. Trump has caused which have turned the once powerful US into a second rate country.

I will also be voting for Theresa Greenfield who has already shown us that her priorities have our country as the top priority.

Voting for a president who has purposely and openly dismantled one of the best run enterprises in the world so that their political party can rig an election is totally against what this country stands for. Voting for the current president is a vote for him to continue to destroy our country and the ideals that once lit the world. Voting for the toady senator who puts her party above the country is also voting against what the country stands for.

As this is written a case is on the docket for the Supreme Court to dismantle a health care system that will throw tens of millions off of health insurance and out of the health care system. This is part of the Republican Party plan to turn this country into a country of haves and have-nots – a third world country. Think this won’t happen? Trump and Joni Ernst and the compliant, complicit Republican senators have worked every angle to take health care away from Americans.

Will you be one of the lucky ones who will still have health care? If you want to gamble, vote for Trump and Ernst. If you want to ensure you get health care, vote for Joe Biden for President and Theresa Greenfield for senator.

It goes much further than senator and president. Before you vote just imagine that this vote is a life or death decision. Offices from the county court house to the state house to Congress and the White House will have some effect on whether our lives in the US get back to where we can plan our lives or if they will continue to be in turmoil where it will be hard to plan for tomorrow let alone 5 or 10 years out.

Voting for any Republican at any level is voting to continue a society that is rolling from one crisis to another; where employment is shaky; where markets are at the whim of a strong-man president; where a governor seems to create laws on the fly; where a legislature or congress can create vast differences between citizens with laws that favor one group over another; where election laws can be rigged by one party and where the rule of law is ignored by those in power in a show of their arrogance.

The Republican Party at every level has shown that they have put party before country in every instance, even foreign policy where we now bow to Russia. The Republican Party even dumped the illusion that they would even have a platform for their party. The platform acts as a kind of map for a party to get from where the country is today to where they want to take the country. The Republicans have no such map this year. Their plan is to do what Trump decides. Now that is one hell of an idea, isn’t it?

We still have the power to change the direction this country is headed. By dismantling the USPS the administration is making voting much harder, but you can not let that deter you or any members of your family. As with anything of true value make a plan to make it happen.

In our home we have already requested absentee ballots. We long ago decided that we did not want to wait for Election Day itself and then somehow accidentally miss the vote due to something that comes up out of nowhere. We can start voting on October 5th. So go to the Secretary of State’s website and download and fill out a ballot request.   

That will need to be mailed so do this as soon as you can to give the damaged post office time to do their job. Provided the mail goes through, you should get a ballot in the mail on or before the first day that voting is allowed. I called my county auditor and asked her what to do if we don’t get our ballot on time. She said give it a week. If we don’t get ballots by then, call the auditor and discuss the options. No matter what we all get one vote.

When you get your ballot, you will want to vote it quickly to make sure there is plenty of time to return you vote. Our plans right now are to vote as soon as we get the ballot and then jump in the car to drive to the county courthouse. We are currently planning to place our ballots in the drop box that is supposed to be at every court house. My understanding is that drop boxes are legal at the courthouse. If not I will put on my mask and gloves and take our ballots directly into the auditor’s office.

Finally we will verify via the Secretary of State’s website that our ballot has been received.      If it has not been received after a couple of days (depending on delivery method) a call to the auditor’s office may be in order.

As you see, voting this year will be something that will take planning. Our way is not the only way. Develop a plan that is right for your family. Be sure to allow plenty of time for any mail handling. I recommend voting early so any problems can be resolved before Election Day  and so that you won’t accidentally miss voting if something comes up.

AND – if you vote early your name comes off call lists for candidates. That is a nice side effect.

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