Sunday Funday: Low Grade Depression Edition

30 seconds: Rita Hart for Congress

During the week Former First Lady Michelle Obama said she was in a kind of low depression. Hit home immediately with me and I am betting most Iowans and Americans. We are now in at least the 6th month of a pandemic which the current president refuses to deal with and lies about daily. As if that wasn’t bad enough, our governor is in the same boat. She claims she is doing a great job while people are getting ill at a high rate with many dying.

We are seeing families being torn apart across the state and country with hardly anything being done to stop it. In Iowa, Reynolds refuses to issue a masking mandate and takes actions against those who do. Does she want us to get sick and die? That is what she would do if she did. 

Now she is threatening legal action against school districts who do the sensible thing and keep their students away from crowds. Does she want them to get sick and die? This is what she would do if she did. Dead children are a bad legacy, Governor. The only reason that anybody seems to know that is driving the push to reopen schools is so it will help Donald Trump’s reelection. All for one man’s perverted ego.


  1. Another incredible milestone in coronavirus as cases in the US passed what number this week?
  1. As a contrast, how many Americans died of ebola when Barack Obama was president?
  1. First Bunker Boy was going to ban this computer application. Now he is giving Microsoft a chance to purchase what company?
  1. ODNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence): “Kremlin agents are using a range of measures to denigrate” what US candidate?
  1. Economic analysis from the U of Illinois predicts that per acre revenue for corn will be about how much less per acre than 2019 revenue?
  1. Bunker Boy took a trip to Ohio, but was not joined by what local big time politician who tested positive for coronavirus?
  1. As of this writing, Bunker Boy is threatening to sign an executive order to cut payroll taxes. Such an order could greatly hurt the long term health of what major governmental program?
  1. Tomorrow is the 146th birthday anniversary of what first president born west of the Mississippi?
  1. What small town that holds an annual convocation of motorcycle riders has gone ahead with their annual get together this year despite the coronavirus?
  1. It is beginning to look like Bunker boy’s attempt to get what major professional golf tournament moved to one of his golf courses may blow up into a big international scandal?
  1. In a bit of a minor surprise, Iowa’s governor Reynolds signed an order giving what group of people the right to vote without paying our costs and fees?
  1. What material being stored in a Beirut warehousing district caused a massive blast decrying property and killing people for miles around?
  1. Bunker Boy continued his assault on mail-in voting, but did make an exception for what state?
  1. When does the Democratic National Convention start?
  1. Bunker Boy floated the idea of using what setting to give his acceptance speech for the Trumpublican Party?
  1. What highly placed GOP senator is flat out tied in his re-election campaign in South Carolina?
  1. Players for the Atlanta Dream WNBA basketball team wore T-shirts with a message for voters to vote against what co-owner of their team?
  1. Another one bites the dust! What chain of luxury department stores filed for bankruptcy last Sunday?
  1. Students taking pictures of crowded halls in Georgia schools that are reopening during the pandemic were dealt with by their schools doing what to them?
  1. In a speech, Bunker Boy claimed who “hurts God”?


  1. 5 million. We only passed 4 million a couple of weeks ago.
  1. 2
  1. TikTok
  1. Joe Biden
  1. $15 an acre less
  1. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine
  1. Social Security
  1. Herbert Hoover born just off Interstate 80 in West Branch
  1. Sturgis, South Dakota – started Friday and goes through next Sunday – no masks required.
  1. The British Open that he tried to get moved to his Turnberry golf course.
  1. Ex felons. Iowa was the last state to give ex-felons the vote.
  1. Ammonium nitrate, commonly used as a fertilizer
  1. Florida
  1. Next Monday, August 17th
  1. The White House. This would certainly unethical and possibly illegal – neither of which has ever stopped Trump
  1. Lyndsey Graham
  1. Current US Senator from Georgia Kelly Loeffler
  1. Lord and Taylor’s
  1. Suspending them
  1. Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Seriously, Trump speaks for God?

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