Sunday Funday: The ADA Is 30 Edition

It is kind of hard to believe that the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 30 today. Written and ushered through congress by Iowa’s own Senator Tom Harkin, the ADA has lowered bars to a full life for those with disabilities. Our family has been greatly helped by the ADA over the years.

My wife had a stroke just after the birth of our second daughter. She had many lifelong effects from the stroke. Fortunately for us the ADA came along to help her deal with what used to be impediments to her mobility and employment. There has been much complaining from businesses who have to comply, but we, and I am sure many others, are very grateful for this legislation. 

So when you see those handicap parking stalls right next to the door and you are tempted to park there “for just a second” remind yourself that there is a reason why those stalls are left vacant for the disabled amongst us. It may be you someday.

Oh wow what a week!

  1. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez took to the House floor Thursday to denounce a sexist attack on her by what Florida Republican congress member?
  1. What top-level White House staffer’s grandmother dies of effects of coronavirus? The death was covered up by the White House.
  1. Democratic Headquarters in what state capitol were heavily damaged in an early morning fire Friday?
  1. The mayor of what west coast city was tear gassed by the unidentified troops occupying his city Wednesday?
  1. Protestors in that city are using what lawn tool to return tear gas and and the canisters back to the unidentified troops in that city?
  1. What other group has shown up to act as a barrier between protestors and federal troops in the above city?
  1. Bunker Boy spoke to what world leader Thursday without asking about the bounties being paid to Afghanis to shoot our troops by his country?
  1. A mandatory masking order was put into effect in what major Iowa city by their mayor Tuesday?
  1. On July 28th, 1932 the Bonus Army was routed from its encampment in Anacostia Flats section of Washington, DC. What 3 future WWII heroes led the assault on the Bonus Army?
  1. What Iowa based grocery chain announced they would not require masks for shoppers in their stores?
  1. Extra weekly payments of how much per week ended Friday for unemployed workers as Republican senators dithered on how much to cut pandemic relief aid?
  1. Bunker Boy proudly claimed to score very highly on a a cognition test apparently designed to test for what?
  1. Trying to do a little extra-curricular business while in office, Bunker Boy had his ambassador to what country propose moving a major golf tournament to a Trump property?
  1. Speaker Pelosi had what name for the coronavirus in an appearance on CNN Tuesday?
  1. A high school in Fairfax County, Virginia had its name changed from “Robert E. Lee HS” to honor who Thursday?
  1. 45 years ago next Thursday what American labor leader was last seen getting into a car outside of a restaurant ear Detroit, Michigan?
  1. Some major corruption in Ohio. How much did Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder and his accomplices score by passing a billion dollar plus bailout for nuclear energy plants in Ohio?
  1. What national leader on the coronavirus pandemic revealed that he and his family have been subject to very serious and believable threats?
  1. From the top to zero. What top advertiser on Facebook for the first 6 months of 2020 has cut its advertising to zero because of Facebook’s stance on hate speech?
  1. Which Major League Baseball team had the first on field female coach ever as baseball resumed play Thursday?


  1. Ted Yoho. Yoho has yet to apologize for his remarks
  1. Stephen Miller
  1. Phoenix, Arizona
  1. Portland, Oregon
  1. Leaf blowers
  1. The Wall of Mothers
  1. Vlad Putin
  1. Iowa City. They joined Muscatine as mandatory masked cities in Iowa
  1. General Douglas MacArthur, General Dwight Eisenhower and then Colonel George S. Patton
  1. HyVee
  1. $600
  1. Dementia
  1. The United Kingdom. Trump wanted to government to move the British open to his property at Turnberry.
  1. The Trump virus
  1. Recently deceased congressman and civil rights leader John R. Lewis
  1. Jimmy Hoffa
  1. $61 million
  1. Dr. Anthony Fauci
  1. The Walt Disney Company
  1. San Francisco Giants – Alyssa Nakken
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