Sunday Funday: July 4th Is Saturday Edition

This is a good time to remember that our press is free . Folks like Molly Ivins showed us what a free press can do (3 minutes)

America has always been a work in progress. There has always been a chasm between ideals stated in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the reality of everyday life. The freedoms that have been cited in those documents have never been extended to all citizens, let alone all humans in this country. In the 244 years since the signing of the Declaration there has been a continuing battle to expand rights to all citizens.

One theory is that the ruling class will never give up any power willingly. Power must be taken. In America we have examples of both advancement with violence and with non-violence. This year we have an example of people nonviolently demonstrating and making some strides. It feels like for the first time in a long time those in power are at least listening a little. Once again, it is a start.

On another note Bunker Boy has brought three major epochs of American history together all at one time. America is going through the Spanish Flu epoch, The Great Depression and the Civil Rights era all together in one fell swoop. Unlike those other periods this time we have a president who refuses to lead and couldn’t care less about what happens to the country. He just wants to be re-elected.

  1. The pandemic is rebounding with a vengeance especially in the Republican led states. Which state is putting restrictions back into place to counter the rebound?
  1. Mary Trump is writing a tell all book about her family due out in early August. Which family member sued to try to stop publication of her book?
  1. In the sports world, what former and often considered racist owner of the Minnesota Twins had his statue removed from the stadium last week?
  1. The CDC estimated Thursday that only what percent of coronavirus cases have been reported in the US?
  1. It is still Pride Month. 51 years ago today what signature event took place in NYC?
  1. Speaking of signature days, what other North American country commemorates its birth this week also?  (I ask this every year folks)
  1. Was the Declaration of Independence signed on July 4th, 1776?
  1. Bunker Boy followed his rally in coronavirus riddled Tulsa last Saturday with a rally in what even more coronavirus riddled city on Tuesday?
  1. What other country in the Americas has a coronavirus daily infection rate even worse than that of the US?
  1. Who described Bunker Boy’s response to the pandemic as “that of a child, whining and self-pity” in a major address Thursday?
  1. The Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Hall of Fame fundraiser will be virtual this year, streaming on Sunday evening July 26th. Who will be the keynote speaker this year?
  1. What is Bunker Boy’s latest racist name for the coronavirus?
  1. To say the least this week is loaded with historic events. July 1, 1862, Lincoln signed the first bill calling for what kind of tax?
  1. According to Wikipedia, the term “homosexuality” was coined in what year? (Hint: around our civil war)
  1. What pizza chain noted for its arcade and as a great place for a kid’s birthday party, filed for bankruptcy protection Thursday?
  1. The US senate confirmed Cory Wilson as a federal judge Wednesday. How many federal judges have now been confirmed during Bunker Boy’s term?
  1. In a shocking announcement the US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit said that Judge Emmet Sullivan must accept the DOJ’s decision to drop charges against who?
  1. What group of countries is considering banning travel to them from the US due to our spike in coronavirus cases?
  1. Soon to be gone, but not forgotten. What mode of transportation introduced in 2001 is being phased out by its producer?
  1. A huge dust cloud that originated where is affecting air quality in the gulf states and southeastern states?



  1. Texas
  1. Nope, not Donald. Her uncle Robert Trump, Donald’s brother brought the suit.
  1. Calvin Griffith
  1. 10% – which means we may actually have nearly 30 million cases
  1. The Stonewall Inn riots
  1. Canada Day is Wednesday July 1st
  1. No. July 4th is when the language in the Declaration was approved. Independence was approved on July 2 – this is the day John Adams thought we should celebrate. Most of the delegates signed on August 2nd, 1776.
  1. Phoenix, Az.
  1. Brazil. They also have a right wing authoritarian leader.
  1. Presidential candidate Joe Biden
  1. Presidential candidate Joe Biden
  1. “Kung Flu”
  1. An income tax
  1. 1868
  1. Chuck E. Cheese
  1. 200
  1. Michael Flynn
  1. The European Union
  1. The Segway
  1. The Saharan Dessert

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