Sunday Funday: Fencing Day Edition

Bunker Boy (45 seconds):

Donald Trump once again undergoes a name change here on Sunday Funday. From now on he will be known as “Bunker Boy.” Apparently he had to hide in his bunker Friday as he was afraid of “the people.” Some would say he was a coward. He claims he was inspecting the bunker. {sigh} His work just never ends.

A fence was also constructed around the White House and the White House fence instead of at the Mexican border. The DoJ also brought in prison guards from Texas to patrol the grounds he is so scared. So here we are now with Bunker Boy inside a double fenced in area being patrolled by prison guards. Add a life sentence on to that and I will have my dream. Oh – maybe a different location such as Leavenworth.

Making America Great again one Great at a time: Great Pandemic, Great Depression part 2, Great unemployment, Great Protests. About what I expected.

Due to all that is happening right now, Gay Pride Month has almost been forgotten. We will try to work a few questions into the mix today.

  1. The first documented gay rights organization – The Society For Human Rights – was founded in Chicago in what year? (Hint: nearly a century ago)
  1. The US has sent two million doses of hydroxychloroquine to what country?
  1. After hiding in his bunker Friday night, Bunker Boy made a conference call Monday where he called what group of leaders “weak”?
  1. Iowa’s primary vote made national headlines as what long term congress member was defeated in the primary?
  1. What non-existent group are right wing politicians blaming violence during protests on?
  1. Approximately how many Americans are dying daily of the coronavirus?
  1. July, 1961 – what state becomes the first state to decriminalize homosexuality when they repealed their sodomy laws?
  1. Speaking of Iowa’s primary, who did the Democrats select to beat Joni Ernst next fall?
  1. Republican Iowa State Representative Jeff Shipley made national headlines when he claimed that what was not killing anybody?
  1. In Texas 4 Republican county chairs are in trouble with party hierarchy for sharing fantastical rumors about the death of whom?
  1. In Buffalo, NY police violently knocked down a man who was reported to be how old?
  1. Last Friday should have been the 27th birthday of what recent victim of drug raid gone awry in Louisville, Ky?
  1. Speaking of Kentucky what senator put a hold on an anti-lynching bill in the US senate last week?
  1. Well, finally! Casinos in what American city were allowed to reopen Thursday at 12:01 local time? I guess this means the pandemic is all over.
  1. Where will the Republican National Convention be held this year?
  1. January 1, 1973 what state becomes the first state to statutorily ban same sex marriage?
  1. Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia announce that a statue of who will be removed from downtown Richmond?
  1. Employees of what social media giant staged a virtual walkout over their company’s decision to leave Bunker Boy’s violent posts alone?
  1. What NFL quarterback took flak after he said that “taking a knee was disrespectful to the flag and something I will never agree with”?
  1. In history, June 13th 1971 The New York Times began publishing what secret US documents that exposed the US strategy in Vietnam?

Babysitting orangutan. (33 seconds)


  1. 1924
  1. Brazil
  1. State governors
  1. Steve King
  1. Antifa. 
  1. 1000
  1. Illinois
  1. Theresa Greenfield
  1. The coronavirus
  1. George Floyd. Rumors include that the death was staged to make Trump look bad and that George Soros paid for the killing.
  1. 75
  1. Breonna Taylor
  1. Rand Paul – claimed he wanted to make it better.
  1. Las Vegas! Book your trip today!
  1. It is still currently scheduled for Charlotte, NC. But that is very likely to change to a spot where the coronavirus is more welcome.
  1. Maryland
  1. Robert E Lee
  1. Facebook
  1. Drew Brees. Maybe he forgot who blocks for him?
  1. The Pentagon Papers.
sign at the church Trump abused

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