Sunday Funday: V-E Day Remembered Edition

Happy Mother’s Day in these trying times. Try your best to shelter in and stay safe. It is hard to do.

Back when we had presidents who would lead: (1 minute 30 seconds)

Now we have a president who has simply surrendered to the coronavirus. He has declared us all “warriors” and basically said we are on our own. Good Luck! But he will still get in the way of Americans getting the tools they need to fight – the masks, the tests, the PPE. Isn’t that like being a traitor?

Another historical week as something like 15,000 people die, yet we “reopen” to help Donny Corona’s chances to be re-elected.

  1. Aides to what two senior administration officials tested positive for the Covid-19 last week?
  1. Senator Richard Burr’s defense against insider trading accusations weakened considerably when it was revealed what relative also sold large amounts of stock ahead of the Covid-19 sell off?
  1. While touring a Phoenix, Az. mask manufacturer, Donny Corona did not wear what kind of protective equipment?
  1. Happy Mother’s Day. In a normal year Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for what industry?
  1. In Iowa, Governor Reynolds announced that what was reopen as of last Friday?
  1. Donny Corona said what group would be disbanded Tuesday, then the next day said it would continue its work?
  1. In a shocking move, for one reason because the person pleaded guilty to charges, the DOJ sought to dismiss charges against what former administration official?
  1. What Covid-19 expert will be allowed to testify before a committee in the senate, but not a committee in the House next week?
  1. A group associated with what presidential relative is buying a major stake in cable newser One America News Network (OANN)?
  1. House Intelligence Committee released transcripts related to the investigation of what Thursday night?
  1. May 10, 1869. Leland Stanford misses his first swing at what that will symbolize the nation being united by the railroad?
  1. What Iowa Democratic senatorial candidate dropped out of the race last week?
  1. A group of 11 state Attorneys General, including Iowa’s Tom Miller, are looking into price fixing in what industry as the Covid-19 pandemic continues?
  1. Donny Corona wants to add another $500 million to the price of his non-existent border wall to do what to it?
  1. The SCOTUS experiment in hearing cases remotely by phone took a somewhat humorous turn Wednesday when what unexpected noise was heard in the background?
  1. Next Saturday, a national commencement for seniors will be held on TV. This commencement is being organized by whom?
  1. BASEBALL IS BACK! At least it is somewhere. What country is allowing professional baseball to be played in empty stadiums?
  1. As if the Covid-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, African nations have also been dealing with a plague of what critters this spring?
  1. May 14th, 1942 during WWII congress passed a bill that would allow what people to serve non-combatant roles in the US military?
  1. Last week, Donny Corona claimed that he has been criticized more than any other president including which one?

What a disaster Trump has been: (6 minutes)


  1. Aides to both the current president and his VP tested positive for Covid-19
  1. Burr’s brother-in-law made some huge sales on the same day as Burr
  1. A face mask. Guess it would mess up his make-up
  1. Restaurant
  1. The other 22 counties in Iowa that were originally to be kept locked down for a while. Surprise!
  1. The Corona Virus Task Force
  1. General Michael Flynn
  1. Dr. Fauci
  1. Donald Trump. Jr.
  1. The investigation into Trump’s Russia scandal
  1. The Golden Spike
  1. Cal Woods
  1. The beef industry
  1. Paint it Black!
  1. A toilet flushing
  1. Barack Obama
  1. South Korea. Remember they had their first Covid-19 the same day as the US.
  1. Locusts
  1. Women
  1. Lincoln. He made this claim while being interviewed at the Lincoln Memorial

What kind of Memorial will the grateful people of the US erect for Donny Corona?

I feel like we’re dangerously close to the federal response to the pandemic becoming “thoughts and prayers”. – Aaron E Carroll

You know how the White House knows that it’s safe to hold a press conference? They test the reportersWhat do they do before Pres. Trump meets business leaders? They take temperatures & administer coronavirus tests. Why isn’t there a plan to do the same thing for the country? – Sen. Chuck Schumer

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