Iowa Democratic Senatorial Primary Debate 2

Here is another debate with the now 4 candidates to replace perhaps Iowa’s worst senator ever, Joni Ernst. This debate took place Sunday May 3rd, 2020.

Candidate Cal Woods dropped out after this debate. He then endorsed rival Admiral Michael Franken.

(1 hour 38 minutes)

As Senator Hogg reminds us at the beginning, the primary is June 2. You should have gotten a vote by mail request from the Secretary of State’s office last week. If not please go here.

Print the request off, fill it out and mail it to your own county’s auditor. You can find their address here. 

From the SOS website:

Request Deadline for Mailed Ballots

The request form must be received in the county auditor’s office by 5 p.m. on the Friday, eleven days before the election. If the request is for the general election, the deadline to request a ballot by mail is the Saturday, ten days before the election.

5PM Friday, 11 days before the election means that the request must be IN the auditor’s office by Friday May 22 at 5 PM. Plan accordingly.

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