Robert Reich: Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response

(Video: 6 minutes 40 seconds)

This short video from Robert Reich’s Inequality Media pretty well lays out the damning timeline of Trump’s inaction on the pandemic while our fellow Americans passed the virus around. It was worse than inaction, he used the “bully pulpit” of the presidency to convince wide swaths of the country that there was nothing to worry about.

Numbers of death and disease are now coming in from Trump’s earlier highly damaging attempt to keep the country’s businesses open. On March 23rd the country had 500 deaths. On April 6th – two weeks later – the number of dead passed the milestone number of 10,000. The next Sunday, Easter Sunday April 12th, the number of dead passed 20,000. The following Thursday that number passed 30,000.

Trump is now pushing hard to “reopen” the country on May 1st. That is a Friday some 13 days out. While it is impossible to predict the future, with the kinds of increases we have seen in recent weeks it is very possible that on May 1st the number of people dead from the corona virus and the subsequent actions and inactions by our government will easily pass 100,000.

Attempting to reopen the economy will exacerbate the conditions that make passing the virus much more likely. So as if 100,000 dead isn’t enough, that will spike under open conditions. To Trump and those on the right (like Gov. Reynolds) the ideology is much more important that lives. Reynolds has made it a point of pride that she has not shut down the state even as the virus has raged through east central Iowa.

For Trump, while he may pretend it is about getting the country back to work, the real bottom line is his own re-election. Trump is a narcissistic ego maniac. He will stop at nothing – and I mean nothing – to be re-elected. May 1st will be 6 months before this year’s scheduled elections. Sacrificing several thousand Americans to get himself re-elected would mean nothing to him.

One reason this election is so important to Trump, one has to remember that there are currently several lawsuits and investigations that are in some form of purgatory because of the murkiness that courts and the current Attorney General have thrown on Trump being sued or investigated while he is president. Should he lose, that point is no longer relevant. Let the lawsuits and investigations go forward.

So Trump, his minions and the Republican Party have huge incentives to do all they can, including massive voter suppression based on using a still raging corona virus pandemic in November, to steal the next election.

Please do what you can to vote by mail this year. Also remember to let your representative know we need a functioning Post Office to ensure a functioning democracy.

Finally this little graphic someone posted on twitter a few days ago that illustrates just what Trump’s (purposeful) bungling of the pandemic has meant in the unneeded deaths of your fellow Americans:

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