Do This On Earth Day April 22

Action alert from CCI:

Eighteen organizations have joined CCI in calling on Governor Reynolds to institute an immediate 6 month moratorium on factory farms to stop public health risks and environmental degradation brought by the factory farm industry.

Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom
Jan Corderman, (515) 205-4504

Poweshiek CARES
Val Vetter,

Southern Boone County Farmers and Neighbors
Danielle Wirth Ph.D.,

Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors
Diane Rosenberg,

Iowa Citizens for Responsible Agriculture – Worth County
Edith Haenel,

Northeast Iowans for Clean Air and Water
Sue George,

Calhoun County Against CAFO’s
Emma Schmit,

Henry County Farmers and Neighbors
Ronald Wyse,

Des Moines County Farmers and Neighbors for Optimal Health
Jean Lappe,

Physicians for Social Responsibility
Maureen McCue,

Food & Water Watch
Krissy Kasserman,

Science and Environmental Health Network
Carolyn Raffensperger,

Linn County Farmers and Neighbors
Regina Behmlander,

Organic Consumer Association
Patrick Kerrigan,

Iowa Alliance for Responsible Agriculture

Diane Rosenberg,

Socially Responsible Agriculture Project
Chris Peterson,

Howard County Democrats
Laura Hubka,

Now we are organizing a statewide call in day demanding Reynolds enact a 6-month moratorium on new and expanding factory farm construction permits in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you take 5 minutes to call Reynolds next week? Sign up for more information on how and when here.

The leadership that Reynolds appointed at the DNR has rolled back nearly all environmental protections from the factory farm industry, allowing factory farms to cram extra animals into confinements and suspending fines for environmental violations. Currently, 90% of the nitrates and 75% of the phosphorus in Iowa’s waterways come from industrial agriculture and factory farms.

Clean water is a human right and essential in moments like these. Reynolds needs to reign in the leadership she appointed at the DNR and put the interests of everyday Iowans, like clean water, above the corporate profits of the factory farm industry.

That’s why we are organizing a statewide call in day demanding Reynolds implement an immediate 6-month moratorium in response to COVID-19Sign up here to get more details to participate in our statewide call in day next week.

Iowans should not have to worry about a factory farm going up next door while dealing with a global health pandemic.

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