Sunday Funday: Don’t Eat The Rabbit Edition

Look who is here to brighten our Easter!

There is a bit of fear in these parts that many people have not been out to the grocery store for a spell. When that Easter Bunny comes hopping around he might look like a tasty meal. Please do not eat the Easter Bunny folks! The kids will never understand.

Back to a bit of reality. We will include some Easter questions today.

  1. In Florida, a woman was arrested for putting plastic Easter eggs in people’s mailboxes with what surprising filling?
  1. Monday the number of Covid-19 related deaths in the US surpassed what milestone number?
  1. Exactly two weeks earlier the death toll stood at what much lower milestone number?
  1. At one time early this year the Democratic presidential primary had at least 25 candidates. Who was the 24th candidate to suspend his campaign Wednesday?
  1. The SCOTUS cancelled April arguments then decided to hear one more concerning postponing the primary voting in what state?
  1. Thought to have originated with a 14th century monk, what bready sweet treat for Good Friday often has fruit in it and white icing on top?
  1. What beloved folk singer/ songwriter succumbed to Covid-19 Tuesday in Nashville?
  1. What presidential candidate announced he would wear a mask in public because of the corona virus?
  1. Looks like Boris Johnson moved out of his previous room in what portion of the hospital Friday?
  1. The University of Iowa Hospital is taking part in a study of Remdesivir for what disease?
  1. Easter’s date every year depends on what heavenly body?
  1. President Obama had high praise for coronavirus recovery proposals offered by what former Democratic presidential candidate?
  1. Rep. Katie Porter of California found that our exports of what items went up dramatically in the months early in the coronavirus era?
  1. The administration has once again set a date for “reopening” the economy. What is their new target?
  1. How many more Americans applied for unemployment insurance this week?
  1. What was the cost of the trip former acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly to fly to Guam to trash talk the former captain of the Theodore Roosevelt?
  1. Does the word “Easter” appear in the Bible?
  1. Oopsie! We suddenly have a new White House Press Secretary. Who fired the previous press secretary as one go his first acts on his new job?
  1. What major American city Tuesday required workers in essential businesses to wear face masks?
  1. Travel restrictions are slowly being lifted in what Chinese city where the pandemic is reputed to have begun?

Over 14,000 people who were alive 2 months ago, are now dead because Trump did nothing 3 months ago. #TrumpLiedPeopleDied – irishrygirl


  1. Pornographic pictures
  1. 10,000
  1. 500
  1. Bernie Sanders
  1. Wisconsin
  1. Hot cross buns ( one a penny, two a penny…….)
  1. John Prine
  1. Joe Biden!
  1. The ICU
  1. Covid-19. Remdesivir was first created for SARS
  1. The moon
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. PPE
  1. May 1. 
  1. 6.6 million. That is nearly 17 million in 3 weeks
  1. $243,000 
  1. No
  1. New White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows
  1. Los Angeles
  1. Wuhan

Two minutes of some adorable cats with Easter eggs

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