Sunday Funday: No High Holy Days This Year Edition

Readers of this blog know that this week in March your humble quizmaster usually declares this week of the calendar year as the “High Holy Days of Basketball” as conference tournaments come to an end, state High school tournaments are ending and the stage is being set for the grandest tournament of all, the NCAA tourney. This year could have been the greatest NCAA tournament ever.

As you all know there is sorrow in the land of basketball as the games have come to a sudden stop. I believe the Iowa State boys’ tournament may have been the very last basketball of the year across the country as it completed its full run Friday night. 

Almost unbelievably, basketball was probably another victim of the current administration. Had the president responded the way he should have early on the covid19 may not have spread across the country so quickly. Chalk up another one for the most incompetent leader ever.

We still have quizzes!

  1. “Corona, corona” whatever does “corona” mean?
  1. What founder of one of the major technology companies in the world stepped down from the company’s Board of Directors to spend his time on philanthropic interests?
  1. In a ruling Friday, the full Federal Appeals Court vacated a three judge panel decision that courts had no role in forcing who to appear before Congress?
  1. As Speaker Pelosi was hammering out details of emergency legislation for the Covid epidemic, Senate Leader McConnell did what?
  1. What two women have been both wife and mother of a US president?
  1. Jared Kushner was assigned by the Chosen One to do research on the corona virus. What internet tool did he employ to do this research?
  1. Several White House biggies, including the Chosen One, closely interacted with a diplomat from what country who then tested positive for the Covid19?
  1. The wife of what western hemisphere leader tested positive for Covid19?
  1. Republicans are calling Covid19 by what name in their effort to use it as a slur against a group of people?
  1. A March perennial since 1939, what major event was cancelled on Wednesday?
  1. Judge Dannenburg resigned from the Supreme Court Bar Friday saying to who, “You are allowing the Court to become an ‘errand boy’ for an administration that has little respect for the rule of law? “
  1. Who was sentenced to 23 years in New York State prison for sexual abuse of women Wednesday?
  1. Who wrote “The Feminine Mystique” in 1968 that became one of the early guiding books of the feminist movement?
  1. In a normal year many of us would be parading, dancing and singing in honor of what man next Tuesday? Looks like this year there will be no such fun.
  1. The day following a presidential address on the Covid19 epidemic, the stock market did what the next day?
  1. The Chosen One proposed cutting payroll taxes that could have disastrous long term effects for what major federal program for older Americans?
  1. What world leader had his legislature extend his term until 2036?
  1. What far right wing conspiracy theorist was arrested for drunk driving in Texas last week?
  1. What woman founded the Shakers – who believed in equality and personal responsibility –  in the 1770s?
  1. What Oscar winning actor and his wife were diagnosed with Covid19 in Australia?

Obama never stooped to their level


  1. “Crown” in Spanish
  1. Bill Gates
  1. Don McGahn
  1. Took the weekend off
  1. Abigail Adams and Barbara Bush
  1. Facebook
  1. Brazil
  1. PM Justin Trudeau of Canada
  1. “Wuhan” virus 
  1. NCAA Men’s basketball tournament – the women’s was cancelled also
  1. Chief Justice John Roberts
  1. Harvey Weinstein
  1. Betty Friedan
  1. St. Patrick
  1. Tanked – down 9.9%
  1. Social Security
  1. Vladimir Putin
  1. Alex Jones
  1. Ann Lee
  1. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

It’s like the Influenza of 1918 married the Stock Market Crash of 1929. –David Tanenhaus

trump is culpable

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