Sunday Funday: President’s Day Edition

A short reminder that ice can be slick:

Hey, hey, hey, don’t check the mail tomorrow. Tomorrow is the day that we commemorate most of the presidents. You can guess which one this scribe will not be commemorating. Actually there will be two – the current one and the one on Roger Stone’s back. 

So we will try to wedge in some presidential questions, some black history questions and some current stuff. The current stuff may be hard since things are so quiet.

Let’s go:

  1. What major newspaper chain filed for bankruptcy Thursday?
  1. The administration has begun destroying parts of what natural National Monument to build their wall with Mexico?
  1. What president does Roger Stone have tattooed on his back?
  1. When is Roger Stone expected to be sentenced for his conviction on lying to congress and obstruction?
  1. Some people have all the luck. What former big time Iowa politico won a $150,000 lottery prize last week?
  1. Sometimes people are overlooked by history. Claudette Colvin made what act of defiance and was arrested some nine months before Rosa Parks?
  1. What former governor of Massachusetts was among those who ended their run for president after the New Hampshire primary?
  1. The current president offered a very blatant quid pro quo to the governor of what state Thursday?
  1. What did the current president want in return from the governor referenced in question 8?
  1. Four top Justice Department lawyers resigned due to whose meddling in the Roger Stone sentencing?
  1. The first protest against slavery in the Americas occurred in 1688 in Philadelphia by members of what religious sect?
  1. In a strange twist 3 former White House employees returned to White House employment. Which of these returnees was last seen “Dancing With The Stars”?
  1. What recently departed ambassador received a huge standing ovation at Georgetown U. where she accepted and award?
  1. What Republican US representative was named publicly in the Ohio State wrestling team coverup of sexual abuse of the the 1980s and 90s?
  1. Wilson Elementary School in El Cerrito, California will be renamed in honor of what former First Lady?
  1. Botswana is selling permits to kill what ‘big game’ animal for $39,000 a head?
  1. The US House Oversight Committee vote Tuesday to advance statehood for what US district?
  1. In a surprise what Democratic presidential candidate finished a solid third in New Hampshire?
  1. “Parasite” won the Oscar for best picture. What country was “Parasite” made in?
  1. The best documentary Oscar went to “American Factory” which was made by a production company owned by what former DC power couple?

The debate of our time in the US is not right vs. left but reality vs. fantasy – Bob Cesca on the Stephanie Miller Show


  1. McClatchy
  1. Organ Pipe National Monument
  1. Richard Nixon
  1. Feb. 20th
  1. Tom Vilsack
  1. She refused to change her seat – move to the back of the bus – on a Montgomery bus
  1. Deval Patrick
  1. New York ( Gov. Cuomo)
  1. He wanted New York to quit investigating his (the president’s) finances. The investigation is being done by the NY Attorney General Leticia James.
  1. AG Bill Barr who appeared to be acting on orders from the Chosen One.
  1. The Quakers
  1. Sean Spicer – the other two were Reince Priebus and Hope Hicks.
  1. Marie Yovanovitch
  1. Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan
  1. Michelle Obama
  1. Elephants
  1. Washington DC
  1. Amy Klobuchar
  1. South Korea
  1. Barack and Michelle Obama.

What normally happens when a public official retaliates against a witness who testified about the public official’s criminal conduct is that the public official goes to prison. – George Conway (from All hat, No Cattle)

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