Sunday Funday: I Am Spartacus Edition

Climate change may do in the sport of snow skiing. However, a friend pointed me to this hilarious take on skiing:

Kirk Douglas died Wednesday as most of you know. Douglas was a dyed in the wool liberal who championed many liberal causes throughout his life. I am not a huge movie connoisseur. However many years ago I was captivated by one of Douglas’ lesser known pics “Paths Of Glory.” This was an anti-war picture made at a time when there were no such things. It was made in 1957, just a few years before the debacle in Viet Nam. I can vaguely remember it now. Al I can recall was that this was a picture that certainly must have popped some overblown so-called patriots of the times.

It is also Black History Month. Could there have been any bigger insult to black America than giving a presidential medal of Freedom to a bigot like Rush Limbaugh. Will the Chosen One come up with another medal to give Limbaugh during Women’ History Month next month? After all, besides being one of America’s biggest bigots, Limbaugh (along with the Chosen One) occupies a top rung among America’s misogynists.

Did Nancy Pelosi say the Chosen One was SEDATED during his speech Tuesday night? Oh, the scandal! Funny that the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t have to take a drug test before punching in.

  1. “I’m going to Kansas City.” Only now, according to the current president, I will need to go to what state?
  1. According to former GOP strategist Rick Wilson, what former cabinet level person in the current administration will probably be headed for jail after his break with the Chosen One?
  1. Iowa’s Democratic caucuses become the ultimate living example of a SNAFU. What does the WWII acronym SNAFU mean?
  1. Which Republican senator split his impeachment votes, voting the Chosen One guilty on one charge and innocent on the other?
  1. Rush Limbaugh made what announcement about the state of his health at the end of his Monday show?
  1. Speaker Pelosi made what defiant action at the conclusion of the State of the Union address Tuesday?
  1. What Florida congress member filed an ethics complaint against Speaker Pelosi for that act?
  1. Black History: What living icon from the 1960s civil rights movement was recently diagnosed with stage four pancreatic cancer?
  1. In all the reporting around the Iowa caucuses, the candidate in 3rd place seems to have disappeared. Who finished 3rd in Iowa?
  1. Joseph Vendever, Sr. died last Friday in New Mexico at age 96. Vandever was among the last of what unique group of WWII heroes that confounded Japanese code breakers?
  1. Corteva Agriscience announced that they will quit making chlorpyrifos insecticide this year. Chlorpyrifos is linked to what health issues in children?
  1. First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt took an airplane ride in Alabama in 1941 to boost publicity for what group of black military flyers?
  1. The Chosen One has included how much in cuts to Social Security in his 2020 budget?
  1. Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys has called for a boycott of a Beach Boys (headed by Mike Love) performance that will be a convention for what hunters?
  1. Due to the corona virus crisis, one Chinese city has been accused of hijacking a shipment of what scheduled to go to a neighboring city?
  1. Franklin Graham has had every venue for a planned summer tour of Britain due to his remarks concerning what issues?
  1. The Chosen One has threatened to veto a bill that would give earthquake aid to what US commonwealth?
  1. Which department store chain announced plans to cut 2000 jobs and close 125 stores in the next 3 years?

Here are a couple of questions on the movie Spartacus since the Academy Awards are tonight and Kirk Douglas has died:

  1. Douglas’ company Bryna Productions produced the film. What up and coming director did Douglas select to direct the film?
  1. The screen play was written by a screen writer blackballed by the McCarthy hearings. Using what screen writer helped to end the blackballing from the McCarthy days?

Have you received your tax form from Walmart for your work as a self-checkout person last year?


  1. Kansas. Seems the Chosen One thinks the Kansas City Chiefs play in “the great state of Kansas.”
  1. John Bolton
  1. “Situation Normal, All Fouled Up.” The word “fouled” is often traded for another, cruder word.
  1. Mitt Romney
  1. He has stage 4 lung cancer
  1. Pelosi tore up her copy of the State of the Union speech.
  1. Matt Gaetz.
  1. John Lewis
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. The Navajo code talkers
  1. Brain damage and neurological development. California banned the chemical as of Thursday.
  1. The Tuskegee Airmen
  1. $25 Billion.
  1. Big Game hunters. Junior Trump will headline
  1. Face masks.
  1. Homosexuality and Islam
  1. Puerto Rico. PR has yet to receive all the money earmarked for recovery from Hurricane Maria
  1. Macy’s
  1. Stanley Kubric
  1. Dalton Trumble
Greta T hides from Trump

Greta Thunberg – a young lady who scares our current president – in case you didn’t recognize her.

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