Time To Replace Trump and Take Back The Senate

Action alert and forward plan from Indivisible posted Monday.

It’s Iowa caucus day, and Indivisibles across the nation are hard at work. But the primary isn’t the end of the line. We’re also thinking hard about the general election, which is why we’re excited to share some big news: today, we’re announcing Organizing Together 2020 — our no-longer-secret plan to beat Trump in key battleground states!

Here’s the deal: while Democrats are rightfully busy vetting a nominee, Donald Trump has gotten a months-long head start on the general election campaign in key battleground states. We know that if we wait until July to prepare for the general election then we’ll lose. So Indivisible isn’t waiting.

Today we’re co-launching Organizing Together 2020.

Organizing Together 2020 is a big new coalition that is setting up dozens of canvassing offices in the key battleground states of Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. We’ll be recruiting and training election volunteers NOW instead of waiting for July when the nominee is officially chosen.

By the time we have a nominee, Organizing Together 2020 will have swing state staff hired, volunteers trained, offices buzzing, canvasses running, and resources mobilized and ready to win in the general election. Indivisible is a founding partner co-launching the effort today, and we’re working with partners from labor and groups like Vote Vets and People for the American Way to make this a very big deal.

Right now, we’ve raised about half of the budget to get this done, but we have another $440,000 left to raise to fully fund Indivisible’s part of it. Can you chip in $6 a month to support Organizing Together 2020 and all of our work? Every cent you donate to Indivisible Action will go towards defeating Trump and saving our democracy.

What comes next? We start building the army to defeat Trump. We’re planning to reach thousands of voters in every one of these key battleground states before the general election on November 3rd. That’s not going to be easy, but as always, we’ve got a plan to make it happen:

  1. Open dozens of canvass offices throughout key battleground states, because we know that early infrastructure is the key to scaling up for the general election.
  2. Drive thousands of volunteers to those offices throughout the election cycle. We are investing in our people early so that they are able to have the most effective conversations possible. We will need every single one of them in order to win.
  3. Train those volunteers to be effective canvassers — knocking on millions of doors across the country to persuade voters and get out the vote. Face to face conversations are the best way to persuade voters and turn them out to vote. We need to rely on best canvassing practices and massive scale.
  4. After the Democratic convention in July, be ready with a massive on-the-ground movement that will be ready to support the nominee and put them in office.

Yes, it costs money to do this. We’re looking to raise $440,000 in grassroots donations. Our piece of this partnership is organizing and volunteer recruitment, so that budget is mostly things like organizing tools (our SMS tool, Hubdialer, an email platform, etc.), data tools and analysis (that’s how we figure out which voters to talk to and how), electoral trainings for groups, and volunteer and organizing staff in all six states.

We say it all the time, but our work truly isn’t possible without you. We’re up against a lot of entrenched interests with a LOT of money: according to CNBC, Trump’s campaign had $102 million in his war-chest going into this year (and that’s before you count all the dark money super PACs spending to reelect him).

We don’t have to match every dollar they spend: our power comes from individual people not from hundred dollar bills. But we do need to raise enough to pay for the tools and resources that support all those thousands of volunteers.

That’s why we’re asking you to help us make Organizing Together 2020 a reality. Can you make a $6 monthly donation to launch this new initiative, support Indivisible Action, and put all our plans for this year in motion?

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