Two Things You Can Do Today To Help Oust Joni Ernst

The Iowa caucuses are over and we can’t let up now.  Indivisible  is providing a fantastic opportunity to participate in ousting Joni Ernst. Many credit the organizing work of Indivisible for Democrats re-taking the house from Republicans in 2018.  If it were not for the Democrats controlling the house of representatives, Donald Trump would have gotten away with his Ukraine scam/Biden smear.  We might never have known about it.  He would not have been impeached.  It is vital that we take back the senate in November 2020.

Indivisible’s Payback Project is now targeting 9 senators including Iowa’s own Joni Ernst.

Who could resist?

Here is your post-caucus action invitation from Indivisible. 


When we said we were going to build a blue wave, people rolled their eyes. Now we say this:

North Carolina.
South Carolina.

We’re going to take back the Senate. Chip in or pitch in:


You can also pitch in or chip in to help the Democrats looking to unseat Joni, Eddie Mauro, Teresa Greenfield, Michael Franken, and Kimberly Graham

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