Can Joni Ernst Be Trusted To Protect Health Care?

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State of the Union – Dishonest.

Following the State of the Union, Senator Ernst Looks to Continue to Follow the Republican Double-Talk on Protecting Iowans’ Health Care 

Des Moines, Iowa – Following last night’s State of the Union address — a speech littered with lies about health care — it’s clear that Senator Ernst is playing the same game as the rest of her party. Senator Ernst and Republicans in Washington have been focused on ripping health care away from hardworking families in Iowa and across the country, all while saying they plan to protect families with pre-existing conditions — a song Senator Ernst has been singing since she entered the Senate.

Axios provided the following “reality check” after the dishonest State of the Union:

“Republicans’ repeal and replace efforts in 2017 wouldn’t have preserved the same level of protections the Affordable Care Act provides, nor would any of the plans they’ve put forward since.”

“The Trump administration and Republican state attorneys general are currently fighting in court to strike down the entire ACA — including its pre-existing conditions protections.”

At every opportunity, Senator Ernst has joined her fellow Republicans in those attacks against pre-existing protections, which would leave nearly 1.3 million Iowans at risk of losing their health care, eliminate pre-existing conditions coverage, and reinstitute an “age tax,” which AARP says would increase premiums on seniors 50 and older by five times the amount they pay now.

“The lies told at the State of the Union last night are downright terrifying for Iowa families,” said Emily Holley, executive director of Iowa Voices. “This isn’t some political game for Iowans. We are left to wonder whether we will have health coverage or pre-existing conditions protections at all while Senator Ernst continues to take special interest money from those seeking to harm Iowans care. Her record shows that Ernst has done everything she can to strip those protections away, leaving Iowans vulnerable to the whims of the pharmaceutical and insurance industries. We’re calling on Iowans to speak out against these attacks on our health care and demand that Senator Ernst end the double-talk and take action to protect our care.”


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Emily Holley
Executive Director | Iowa Forward

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