Sunday Funday: Pandemic And The Chosen One Edition

Dr. Rob Davidson confronts Pence about cuts to Medicaid in Des Moines Thursday:

Note: second of 2 videos at twitter link

There is a meme that has been hanging around on the internet for a long time. The meme is that everything the Chosen One touches turns to shit. This has been proven to be true over and over and over. Former associates end up in jail, projects fall apart yet somehow he still stands while people and things around him fall. I believe Rick Wilson is responsible for pointing this out.

I bring this up as we are apparently on the cusp of a possible respiratory pandemic known as the corona virus. To think that Mr. Chosen One is in charge of the country at a critical time like this feels like having Pig Pen in charge of the clean room at Apple. Don’t forget that most of the administration appointees are sycophants hired for their loyalty to the Chosen One and not for any expertise.

As noted in the above tweet at a critical time like this the administration is cutting care for those on Medicaid. Also much less reported is that the administration has drastically cut research money for the CDC. Good luck America with your new King.

Year 1 of the reign of King Donald the Sniffler.

  1. What Republican senator kept trying to get the name of the whistle blower exposed during the Q & A session this week?
  1. Which campaign has been caught holding events in black communities where envelopes with cash are handed out to some attendees?
  1. Medicaid recipients took a big hit as the administration began to turn the current program into what kind of a program?
  1. How do Republicans see the corona virus as a win for the US?
  1. Dear Leader threatened which House Impeachment manager in a tweet Sunday?
  1. How many US troops have been reported with TBI (traumatic brain injuries) from the Irani response to Dear Leader’s attack on the Irani general?
  1. Jared Kushner hyped his bona fides for brokering an Israeli / Palestinian peace plan by noting that he had read how many books on the subject?
  1. An alleged rape victim of the Chosen One made news when she served the Chosen One’s attorneys to submit what for comparison to a deposit left on her dress after the rape?
  1. Which president side attorney caused a stir during the impeachment trial when he claimed if the president thought what he did was good for the country then it couldn’t be illegal?
  1. At the rollout of the Middle East Peace Plan, the Chosen One took time to praise what cabinet member for his confrontation with an NPR reporter?
  1. Some Iowa state senators are in a snit concerning what flags are to be flown over state buildings after what flag was flown over the state capitols in November?  
  1. Saturday morning at midnight Brussels time what long awaited event took place in Britain?
  1. Former LA Lakers star Kobe Bryant died in a crash involving what kind of a vehicle?
  1. In Lebanon, Tennessee Spencer Bolton was in court on a simple drug possession charge when he approached the bench and did what?
  1. What major Republican senator was not told that the White House had a copy of the Bolton book, despite a public promise to wrk Han-in-hand with the White Hose against impeachment?
  1. Of the 15 previous impeachment trials conducted by the senate, how many included witnesses?
  1. SCOTUS ruled in favor of the administration last Monday to refuse green cards or visas to applicants who would do what if they came into this country?
  1. Attorneys General of Virginia, Illinois and Nevada sued the National Archives to certify what new amendment to the constitution?
  1. What long running, but little noticed Democratic presidential candidate dropped his campaign Friday?
  1. Four schools in Waterloo were closed Wednesday due to a social media threat to blow them up. Thursday a boy who is how old was arrested for making the threats?

McConnell selling out


  1. Randy Paul of Kentucky.
  1. The Trump campaign  
  1. A block grant to the states program.
  1. Products will quit being made in China due to the pandemic and production will shift to the US.
  1. Adam Schiff – “he has not paid the price, yet, for what he has done to our Country!” 
  1. Just in – number has been raised to 64
  1. 25
  1. A DNA sample by March 2.
  1. Alan Dershowitz
  1. Mike Pompeo
  1. Transgendered pride flag
  1. Brexit
  1. Helicopter
  1. Sparked up a joint
  1. Mitch McConnell – jeez Trump can’t even be honest with a guy willing to throw his career away for him
  1. All 15. It is standard to have witnesses at a trial.
  1. Take any kind of government aid. Decision was 5-4
  1. The ERA
  1. Former congressman John Delaney
  1. 11 years old.

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