Robert Reich Looks At The US Today

I have said many times before that Robert Reich is one of my go to people to get some solid perspective on the current situation. He not only explains the situation but usually offers a real way to counter the attacks that the right seems to rain on our society today.

Today I am posting two recent short videos reminding us that as bad as it looks, we have faced problems down before.

This first video reminds us that perhaps the worst or second worst SCOTUS decision was just ten years ago – Citizens United v. The FEC was handed down 10 years ago last week. That decision has ben a major contributor to our dramatically altered political landscape: (4 minutes)

In the second video, Professor Reich discusses Why He Is Still Hopeful:  (5 minutes)

Finally we have a long interview with Professor Reich done for Frontline’s airing of their episode “America’s Great Divide.”  (59 minutes)

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