Is Something Physically Wrong With Trump?

Trump with black eyes

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Most of us probably heard or saw some portion of the current president’s speech on Wednesday morning. This was the speech discussing the Iran situation. The content was as usual filled with lies geared to blame everything on the previous president, which should be attacked much more loudly by the media. 

What was almost as disturbing was the current president’s look – he looked like a standing corpse according to my wife – plus his slow, almost painful walk to and from the podium. Along with a slow, delivery that didn’t flow that was punctuated with several episodes of deep sniffling.

The current president’s health has been one of the many aspects of this presidency that folks speculate on because the information that is made public has been pretty unbelievable. Who can forget Adm. Ronny Jackson being ridiculed following giving the president a physical and pronouncing him fit? Who can forget the president’s sudden Saturday afternoon trip to Walter Reed just before Thanksgiving? Remember the lie to cover that one? It was the beginning of the president’s annual physical. A sudden unannounced trip to the hospital with doctor in the car is the way you take an annual physical?

So at Wednesday’s speech and also at Thursday’s speech we have what appears to be a very sick man. Especially around the eyes. I am no doctor or a medical person in any way, but when folks I have known get very sick, their eyes often get dark and sunken as if they have not slept for days.

And the sniffling. This has been the topic of speculation since the debates in 2016. It seems that at every major speech, the sniffles accompany the reading from the teleprompter. What is the source of the sniffles.? In my experience it is usually a bad cold or some drug use. American should be told of the source of the president’s need to suck wind. And we should be told the truth.

Why should we know? This is a president who literally has his finger on the nuclear button. Americans should know if he is making decisions with a clear mind or is his thinking impaired by drugs. Also, thanks to some incredibly messed up diplomacy and bullying and just plain bad decisions the president while apparently ignoring advice from military and intelligence advisors has brought our country to the brink of war.

If we go to war there will most likely be American deaths as well as death of civilians in other countries. Once again we need to know whether the president is operating with a clear mind or is his decision making – which is often done only by the president – altered by drugs of some kind.

So once again I will engage one of my most frustrating exercises, that of writing our two Republican senators with the small glimmer of hope that something I say will ignite a small fire of  concern for our country, its citizens and world peace. However, reality and experience tells me that I will get a response from Grassley that will say in 2000 words “Please quit bothering me.” From Ernst I have learned to expect nothing in response to my letter. I will however get one of her ridiculous “government waste’ letters that is a huge waste.

And so goes government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich these days.

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