War As A Republican Election Strategy

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credit to Soph0571 at democraticunderground.com

Almost a year ago I wrote a few short paragraphs about the possibility of the current president starting a war with one of several possible enemies and timed so that the execution of the war would dovetail nicely with the 2020 election campaign: (this was very predictable)

One of the recent unwritten rules of an incumbent Republican president running for re-election is that they must have a war for Americans to rally around. It must be a war they are almost certain to win. They must control nearly all stories about the war. We saw this with George W in Iraq, his Daddy with Desert Storm, which ended too soon, Reagan with the great victory in Grenada and to a degree Nixon in Vietnam.

The logic is that Americans won’t vote out a leader who is conducting a war. No matter how badly. With the next presidential election 22 months away and the polls going south, Dear Leader is most likely looking around for a nice little war where he can show – bone spurs or not – that he can lead the mighty US army to victory over…. WHO? Auditions are now being held.

  • Once again we are shaking the war sabres at Iran. But the question is, can we really beat them or nearly beat them by November of 2020? 
  • What about Venezuela? They are in such a mess that a Boy Scout troop may have a chance. We are already making war rumblings in their direction. It could be a victory AND put the 1% back in charge.
  • How about North Korea? But their guy is crazy too – he may not understand the game.
  • What about some really small weak country like Montenegro? 

Timing is important also. We have to invade and time things to have victory or near victory about the middle of October 2020. 

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credit to Soph0571 at democraticunderground.com



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