Sunday Funday: Wag The Dog Edition

I am back with the quiz after a month of visiting and having visitors. ’Twas fun but exhausting. So let’s jump right into the most important election ever. 

Now we have a situation in the Middle East that looks very scary. As we look for reasons and answers we remember that this is an administration that has made a policy of lying at every turn. So will we get the truth? Unfortunately, this administration also has a a track record if creating diversions in order to change attention from another bad situation. A movie was made about this in the 90s called “Wag The Dog.” 

Is this a “Wag The Dog” moment? Our current president is so erratic and secretive we don’t know and may never really know.

Here we go – less than a month to caucuses. We will include some memories from the past year.

  1. Who is Howard Schultz?
  1. Who exposed the name of the whistleblower in a re-tweet last week?
  1. Which major candidates for the Democratic nomination for president dropped out last week?
  1. Besides the escalating crisis with Iran, what other country is the US having a running crisis with as we await a “Christmas present” from them?
  1. What living American Hero announced that he is battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer last week?
  1. A paper by Federal economist found that what led to a loss of jobs and increased prices in the US in 2019?
  1. A rapid response group stopped a shooting in progress at a church in what state last Sunday?
  1. In another incident in New York, a machete wielding suspect wounded several in what appeared to be an attack on what group of people?
  1. Which Iowa representative announced an endorsement of VP Biden Thursday ahead of the caucuses?
  1. Which of Iowa’s neighboring states began selling legalized recreational marijuana Wednesday?
  1. Actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Laughlin made unwanted headlines last year in connection to what?
  1. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu asked for immunity from what, prior to yet another Israeli election in March?
  1. A boy in Texas got a magnifying glass for Christmas for reading. What did the boy do with the magnifying glass?
  1. What major international city suffered two hurricanes (typhoons) in the space of less than a month last fall?
  1. How many animals nave been estimated to have died in the Australian bush fires?
  1. The former chairman of which Japanese car company was smuggled out of Japan in a musical instrument case to avoid charges of financial wrongdoing?
  1. The current president did something useful last week. He signed a bill that would allow the blocking of what consumer nuisance?
  1. Hillary Clinton got a new title last week when she she was appointed as what by Queen’s University in Belfast?
  1. Did Iowa’s population rise or fall in 2019?
  1. The manufacturing economy index from the Institute of Supply Management fell to its lowest level since what Great Recession year?

Mike Birbiglia:

One day he’s gonna set up a direct deposit from the federal reserve into one of his failing hotels and then 51 senators will simultaneously mutter “I’m deeply concerned” and then we’ll move on to the next thing. –


  1. He was the billionaire CEO of Starbucks that talked about running for president last year
  1. Our current president. Sounds like another high crime to me
  1. Julian Castro
  1. North Korea. Guess the love affair os over.
  1. John Lewis
  1. Trump’s tariffs
  1. Texas – just outside of Dallas
  1. Jews
  1. Abby Finkenauer
  1. Illinois
  1. A scandal that involved cheating to get their kids into top schools
  1. Corruption charges that were brought against him in November
  1. Started paper, then his lawn on fire.
  1. Tokyo (storms Faxai and Hagibis)
  1. Half a billion (500,000,000)
  1. Nissan
  1. Robo calls
  1. Chancellor
  1. Rose slightly
  1. 2009 – June of 2009. The Index hit 47.2, lowest since June, 2009 when it hit 46.3

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