Sunday Funday: Longest Night Edition

I am back with more questions and hopefully correct answers.

First let me thank colleagues Trish Nelson and Paul Deaton for covering for me the last couple of weeks as we went to visit family. Our family is getting quite far flung now so it is no longer just a short drive to say hi. Now we must plan to say hello.

Secondly may I remind you or possibly introduce you to the celebration of Longest Night or as it is known in Iran, Yalda. We have a friend from Iran who told us about this day many years ago when I asked her what celebrations her culture had at the solstice. As she told us Longest Night is quite the blowout for some. It is one of the most widely celebrated fests in the world.

For those of us who need little excuse to party, here is another excuse. (2.5 minutes)

What’s been happening?

  1. Due to election results in Britain Thursday it looks like what controversial policy will be completed by the end of January?
  1. The Iowa Board of Regents entered into an agreement with a French company that will run what at the U of Iowa in exchange for what appears to be a billion dollar loan?
  1. The Inspector General of what cabinet department said the FBI did NOT engage in spying on presidential candidates?
  1. Former presidential candidate Kamala Harris is leading a group senate Democrats in calling for the immediate removal of what senior administration advisor?
  1. Now that new Kentucky Governor Andy Beshears has restored voting rights for felons, what state(s) continue to keep felons from voting?
  1. What cabinet member is getting sever backlash from House Democrats as her department fails to fully forgive loans that were given for fraudulent schools?
  1. Congress passed the new budget which included money for what new branch of the military?
  1. The Chosen One tweeted that who has “anger management problems”?
  1. What was the background that caused the Chosen One to target the above individual?
  1. What former Iowa congress member died last week? Notable because he was a Democrat in what is now an overwhelmingly Republican district.
  1. Today is the 349th birthday of which of the the world’s greatest composers? Hint: he brought us Joy.
  1. What giant company won a major NLRB settlement that stated a company is not responsible for labor violations of its franchisees and is not “joint employer”?
  1. What former White House physician and Navy Rear Admiral who was publicly disgraced following a Chosen One physical filed to run for congress in Texas last week?
  1. The Arctic passed a major and very worrisome milestone last week when it began emitting more what than it captured?
  1. How many articles of impeachment were sent forward by the House Judiciary Committee Friday?
  1. Merriam-Webster, the dictionary folks, picked what as their word of the year last week?
  1. Burleigh County, North Dakota came within one vote of blocking what in their county? They would have been the first in the country.
  1. “Blue New Deal” is a proposal by what Democratic presidential candidate that will deal with the health of the oceans?
  1. Sanna Marin, age 34, is the new PM of what European country?
  1. White Island in New Zealand was the site of what natural disaster last week?

Trump brought in Pam Bondi to help him come up with an impeachment strategy and they apparently settled on “make fun of a teenager.” – Adam Parkhomenko (hat tip to


  1. Brexit!
  1. The utilities for the U of Iowa
  1. Department of Justice
  1. Stephen Miller
  1. Iowa
  1. Betsy DeVos of Education
  1. The Space Force
  1. Greta Thunberg
  1. Thunberg was named “Person of the Year” by Time magazine. Someone was very jealous.
  1. Berkely Beddel
  1. Ludwig von Beethoven
  1. McDonald’s
  1. Ronny Jackson
  1. Carbon
  1. Two
  1. “They”
  1. Refugee resellers. Burleigh county is home to the state capital of Bismarck
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. She(!) is the new PM of Finland
  1. A volcano eruption

video 5.5 minutes:

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