List Of Iowa Impeach And Remove/Nobody Is Above The Law Rallies Tuesday

There are events planned in Iowa City, Des Moines, Dubuque, Red Oak, Davenport, Cedar Rapids, and Sioux City.  These are the ones we know about as of Sunday evening, so check the website on Monday if your town isn’t listed or if you would like to plan an event.



Ped mall near the fountain

U.S. Federal Courthouse
We will rally outside the Cedar Rapids offices of Senators Grassley and Ernst to show our support for impeachment. We will not allow this president to destroy our democracy. Please note we are rallying on the “back” side of the courthouse, in city parking lot #44.

Iowa Capitol Building
Front Lawn

Chuck Grassley’s office and Joni Ernst’s office
We will be rallying the night before the vote to impeach. This will be at the offices of Senior Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley and Joni Ernst in Davenport IA. Once our group is activated we will be on site setting up.
Directions: We will be at the First Bank building on the corner of 2nd and Main, Downtown Davenport

Washington Park

Fountain Square Park
On Dec 17, the anticipated night before the House of Representatives takes a historic vote to impeach Trump, the people will gather in cities and towns across the United States in order to: ACT in solidarity with others across the Nation; HONOR our responsibility to protect the Constitution; DEMAND that our Representatives and Senators execute their Constitutional duty to impeach and remove President Trump; and, COLLABORATE to develop next steps in our work to safeguard American democracy. This is a time to speak out, not celebrate. If you want to participate in a smaller event outside of a metro area, in Joni Ernst’s hometown, please join us!
Directions: Fountain Square Park is in the heart of downtown Red Oak and is in the center of the city square. Gather at the stage in the NE corner near the intersection of 3rd and Reed Streets.


Impeach & Remove Events are ON: The Nobody Is Above the Law network has activated.

Events are called for Tuesday, December 17th at 5:30 p.m. local time, but check your local event for a confirmed time and location. Numerous reports indicate that the House will vote on impeachment on Wednesday. December 18th.

Nobody Is Above the Law. That’s why we’re calling on Congress to Impeach & Remove Donald Trump. 

The night before the House of Representatives takes a somber vote to impeach Trump, we’ll head to every congressional office and public square to declare that Nobody Is Above the Law as representatives finalize their positions and senators look on.

Join this historic nationwide mobilization on the eve of Trump’s impeachment vote: RSVP for an event near you or sign up to host one. Events will be visible, family-friendly, public gatherings to demonstrate to our lawmakers that their constituents are behind them to defend the Constitution—and that Trump has left them no alternative to uphold their oath of office but to support impeachment and removal.

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