Sunday Funday: Happy Thanksgiving Edition

One thing to be thankful for this week – A new Randy Rainbow video (4 minutes):

I do no know about you folks, but I could use a break to try to touch base with normal for a few days. Learning what the Republican Party has been doing to our government over the past three years has been in a way shocking. Most of us suspected it, but it is still a gut punch when you actually hear people testifying under oath about what is going on – snd st the highest levels.

As if that were not enough, I stumble across a story that is a month and a half old that confirms that the wealthiest now pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than do we working folks. Another kick in the teeth. 

Try to set these things off to the side and enjoy this holiday to the fullest. There is much work to be done to take this country back from the oligarchs and return it to the democracy it was meant to be.

Last week was the Fourth of July in a congressional hearing room. It’s a start.

  1. What Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee was called out for his link to people involved in pressuring Ukraine to investigate the Bidens?
  1. Speaking of the Bidens, the name of what company was used as a code word to discuss Ukraine launching an investigation of the Bidens?
  1. According to American intelligence who is behind the effort to make it look like Ukraine was interfering in our 2016 election?
  1. Let’s go to the corruption now. What international leader had charges or corruption brought against him by his own government this week?
  1. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), cigarette smoking in the US has fallen to what level in 2018?
  1. What member of Britain’s royal family has suspended public duties due to backlash over his association with Jeffrey Epstein?
  1. Kim Jung Un of North Korea called what Democratic politician a “rabid dog” that “must be beaten to death with a stick”?
  1. Impeachment witness Fiona Hill is an expert on what country?
  1. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade started in 1924. When were balloons first entered into the parade?
  1. Another shooting at a Walmart last week. What state did it happen in this time?
  1. What cabinet member has let it be known he is seriously returning to Kansas to run for the senate?
  1. Friday morning’s ‘Fox and Friends’ had what well known person call in and then go on a 50 minute rambling rant?
  1. What franchise announced it would no longer contribute to anti-LGBTQ groups and then 3 days later reversed that statement?
  1. In what looks like it is an unholy alliance, The Chosen One had an undisclosed meeting with what social media giant CEO this week?
  1. Well we have an official new candidate in the Democratic primary. Can you name the new candidate?
  1. If it were a real trial this would be jury tampering. The Chosen one had meetings with what group of people who may be deciding his future last week?
  1. The newest of pickups was introduced by what cutting edge auto company Thursday night?
  1. Which state rolled out a new anti-drug campaign with the slogan “Meth: I’m on it”?
  1. The State Department reversed 4 decades of US policy by saying that what international action did not violate international law?
  1. “Black Friday” as the shopping day after Christmas came into use in what city in the 1940s to describe the mass of people clogging the downtown streets and blocking traffic?

The question is not whether Trump has committed impeachable crimes. He has. 

The question is whether Republicans in Congress will affirm that an American president is not above the law. – Hillary Clinton


  1. Devin Nunes
  1. Burisma
  1. Russia
  1. Netanyahu of Israel
  1. 13.7%
  1. Prince Andrew
  1. Joe Biden – I guess Kim likes The Chosen One more
  1. Russia
  1. 1927
  1. Oklahoma
  1. Sec of Sate Mike Pompeo
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Chick-fil-a
  1. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg
  1. Michael Bloomberg
  1. Republican senators
  1. Tesla
  1. South Dakota. And yes, that is the real slogan
  1. Israeli settlements in the West Bank. No one else agrees with the US
  1. Philadelphia

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