Sunday Funday: “I Am Not A Crook” Edition

Forty-six years ago today America’s one and only president felt it necessary to go before TV cameras and declare he was not a crook. 

I will agree with Nixon on one thing he said there: “The American people deserve to know if their president is a crook.” Nixon welcomed the examination. Be nice if the Chosen One would welcome and cooperate with his examination so we could find out if he is a crook. {wink……wink}

Nikki Haley said last week that she finds the current president to be mostly truthful. No, really she did. It was probably the Alabama hurricane threat that he saw and no one else did that convinced her.

To sum up last week: Ay yi yi yi yi!

  1. What organization dropped its lawsuit against San Francisco and will accept the city’s labeling of this organization as a “domestic terrorist organization.”?
  1. Looks like Governor Matt Bevin has decided to accept the vote from the recent election and no longer contest the outcome in what state?
  1. This past fiscal year the current administration detained a record number of children at the border. Was this record more or less than 10,000 children?
  1. What nation is suffering under dual catastrophes of bush fires and water shortages?
  1. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, what senior White House advisor promoted white nationalism in emails to Breitbart prior to working at the White House?
  1. Johnny we hardly knew ye section. What Republican presidential candidate ended his run last week?
  1. A preliminary report classifies 622 Iowa waterways in what condition?
  1. Rep. Jim Jordan told the Intelligence Committee that the committee must hear from the person who started it all. In response Rep. Peter Welch suggested the committee call who as a witness?
  1. Former Bolivian president Evo Morales resigned and took asylum in what country last week?
  1. What major American politician settled a case with the state of New York for $2 million for persistent charity law violations about two weeks ago?
  1. Career White House budget official Mark Sandy said Thursday he would do what, thus breaking ranks with the WH officials?
  1. Next Thursday, November 21st, what will happen if congress does not come to a budget agreement?
  1. Perhaps one of the worst qualified people ever, Steven Menashi, was confirmed to a lifetime appointment to the federal bench. How did Iowa’s senators vote?
  1. November 19th, 1863 president Lincoln gave a short address that was thought to be very unimpressive at the dedication of what historic landmark?
  1. What long term Long Island New York congress member announced his retirement last week.
  1. What world famous city saw its city council chambers flood just after the council rejected measures to combat climate change?
  1. SCOTUS declined to hear a case concerning guns which cleared the way for relatives of Sandy Hook to sue what gun company?
  1. The Chosen One claimed Tuesday that what White House advisor had created 14 million jobs in the past 3 years?
  1. Hey, there is another Democratic presidential candidate this week. Can you name him or her?
  1. SCOTUS also heard oral arguments concerning the legality of changes that may signal the end to what program instituted by the Obama Administration?

Roger Stone rolls a perfect 7 Friday. Seven convictions on seven charges. How soon before The Chosen One pardons Stone? I say before Christmas.




  1. The NRA
  1. Kentucky
  1. Much more than 10,000 – 69,550 to be exact
  1. Australia. The bush fires are extremely early and massive.
  1. Stephen Miller
  1. Mark Sanford
  1. Impaired
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Mexico
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Testify in the impeachment inquiry
  1. Shutdown
  1. Both voted to confirm Menashi to the court
  1. Gettysburg National Cemetery
  1. Peter King
  1. Venice
  1. Remington
  1. Ivanka Trump! 
  1. Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick
  1. DACA

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America 2019: a malignant tumor in a fright wig is facing impeachment and his loudest defenders are a half-dressed degenerate wrestling coach and a fake farmer suing an imaginary cow

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