Sunday Funday: Beware of The Dog Edition

I am so sick and tired of the criminals in the White House. I am so sick of the top criminal’s face. I hate his voice. I hate what he and his mob and all his enablers in congress (that means you Joni Ernst) and all his loyalists that he has appointed to the courts. I am tired of the sycophants on Fox News telling us that he is above the law. He isn’t! Or if he is we no longer have a democracy.

Therefore I am offering the friendly pooch as a cleansing agent for our collective minds. I have watched him over and over. I recommend it.

Last week was like a train with no driver careening down the tracks. Soon the crash will happen.

  1. Alexei Leonov died Friday in Moscow. In 1965 Leonov became the first human to do what (then) incredibly amazing feat?
  1. What Republican governor came out in support of an impeachment inquiry Friday?
  1. The shocking, huge story of the week was The Chosen One announcing troop withdrawals from what Middle East country?
  1. What group of people without a home country were very badly affected by that decision?
  1. What nearby country is taking advantage of our withdrawal by launching attacks on the aforementioned homeless group of people?
  1. The mayor of what midwestern city demanded a security deposit to pay police overtime for a campaign event for the Chosen One?
  1. An Appeals Court panel voted 2 – 1 that the Chosen One must turn over what records to the House committees investigating him?
  1. October 14, 1964 – 55 years ago – what American civil rights leader was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?
  1. Super Typhoon Hagibis is hitting Tokyo this weekend. What huge typhoon hit almost the exact same area just a little over a month ago (Sept. 9)?
  1. Ginger Baker died last week at age 80. What was Mr. Baker most noted for?
  1. As the UN goes into its new session, what country has been identified as the largest delinquent in its annual dues?
  1. In fear of starting forest fires with electric sparks because of vegetation dryness, PG&E shut power off to millions in what state?
  1. Who claimed to have “great and unmatched wisdom” in a tweet last week?
  1. Who was chosen by Iowa House Republicans as the new Speaker-elect this week?
  1. October 14th, 1947 – what ear shattering event took place for the first time?
  1. Senator Lyndsey Graham said he will ask Republican senators to sign what in an attempt to derail impeachment?
  1. Which Democratic presidential candidate has threatened to boycott next week’s debate?
  1. What US Representative Matt Gaetz said that impeachment is a “kangaroo court” and Chair Adam Schiff is who?
  1. Yom Kippur saw an attack on a Jewish synagogue in what country?
  1. Three scientist shared the Nobel prize in Chemistry for their work on what now ubiquitous component of the wireless age?

David Lazarus

God, I’m tired of hearing how Republicans privately want to get rid of Trump but won’t say so publicly for fear he’ll ruin them with a tweet. If you’re that big a pussy, you have no business in public service.


  1. Leonov was the first man to walk in space
  1. Larry Hogan of Maryland
  1. Syria
  1. The Kurds
  1. Turkey
  1. Minneapolis
  1. His last 8 years of tax returns
  1. Martin Luther King
  1. Faxai
  1. He was a rock and roll drummer most noted for his time with the band Cream
  1. The US – we are $1 billion delinquent
  1. California
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Chuck’s grandson Pat Grassley
  1. Chuck Yeager flies past the speed of sound
  1. A loyalty oath.
  1. Tulsi Gabbard
  1. Captain Kangaroo.
  1. Germany
  1. The lithium-ion battery

Jeremy Newberger:

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner made so much money the past two years, while working at the White House, they could buy a million Hunter Bidens. 

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3 Responses to Sunday Funday: Beware of The Dog Edition

  1. C.A. says:

    As of 2019, the word “pussy,” according to online dictionaries, is still used as a slang word for a woman’s genitals. So I am kind of uncomfortable seeing it used as an insult meaning “coward,” especially since some of the people who have been most courageously standing up to Trump have been female. For a few decades now, I’ve used the words “wimp” and “wuss” instead. As far as I can tell, they can be used equally for all cowards


    • Dave Bradley says:

      Right you are, but I was also uncomfortable with editing someone’s twitter comment. I chose to post it as is, figuring someone may call me out on it. Thank you


      • C.A. says:

        Oops, sorry, I should have pointed out that my comment was not directed at the hosts of this blog, because it was clear that the word was in fact used by someone else, and that I was mostly trying to offer alternatives. I’m always on the lookout for good fair insults — some old standards (weasel, rat, snake) malign other species and aren’t really accurate.


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