Sunday Funday: Name Change Edition

First off, let wish all a good Labor Day holiday. One of the greatest needs in this country when a new administration takes over in January of 2021 is to restore Labor to its rightful place in the power structure of this country that is currently almost totally filled by the wealthy. 99% of us deserve a voice, too. Make sure candidates at every level stand up for restoring labor to its place in society.

Now for a little fun we bring you Randy Rainbow’s latest – and I think perhaps his best – effort. 4 minutes:

With that introduction we are pleased to announce that the president-formerly-known-as-Dear-Leader in this column will henceforth be known – per his own choice – as “The Chosen One.” We try to please those in power.

Another horrible week for children courtesy of this administration. The goal appears to be cruelty to kids.

For the Labor Day weekend we will ask a few labor history questions

  1. “Prorogue” is a  new word that appeared in the news this week. What does “prorogue” mean?
  1. “We don’t work for you” said Fox News talking head Neil Cavuto, referring to who?
  1. So crazy it might work? The Chosen One suggest in meeting using what to try to stop hurricanes from hitting the US?
  1. Labor history. In the very early US “labor combinations” were often considered under law to be “criminal “ what?
  1. 18 Democratic presidential candidates are scheduled to speak at this year’s steak fry sponsored by what Iowa county’s Democratic Party?
  1. Senate Judiciary Chair Lyndsey Graham proposed putting who on the witness stand to find out why the FBI investigated the Trump campaign?
  1. MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell touched off a big controversy when he claimed the The Chosen One had loans from Deutsche Bank co-signed by who?
  1. Strike #1 by the administration against children involved forcing foreign children who are in the US for what to leave the country within 33 days?
  1. Strike #2 involved declaring that children of US citizens born overseas were not what?
  1. Reports came out last week that voting machines in what state changed voters votes in the Republican gubernatorial primary runoff?
  1. Labor unions grew right along with what industry that had major growth following the US Civil War?
  1. Michael Franken entered the Democratic primary for the US senate seat currently held by Joni Ernst. Franken is a retired what?
  1. The Chosen One asserted last week that he has authority to force US companies to leave what foreign country?
  1. At the G7 the meeting on climate change only had 6 members in attendance. Which world leader skipped this extremely important meeting?
  1. In the first case concerning the opioid crisis, an Oklahoma judge found what company guilty of fueling the opioid crisis and fined them $572 million?
  1. Johnny Isakson announced he will retire from his senate seat at the end of this year. Isakson is a senator from what state?
  1. The Chosen One directed that what National Forest be opened for logging last week?
  1. Monday was Women’s Equality Day. What toy company announced Monday that it would release a series of dolls of notable women such as Rosa Parks? (Hint: they also make Barbie) 
  1. What early 20th century union was known as the “wobblies?”
  1. What former first daughter was spotted as a freshman at the U of Michigan last week?
MAGA losing Social Security

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  1. Prorogue means to suspend parliament. This is the tactic that Boris Johnson is using to try to get Brexit accomplished 
  1. The Chosen One. TCO had tweeted that “Fox isn’t working for us anymore.”
  1. Nuclear bombs
  1. Conspiracies
  1. Polk County on Sept. 21st
  1. Former President Obama
  1. Russian oligarchs close to Putin
  1. Life saving medical treatment for things like cancer etc.
  1. Automatically US citizens
  1. Mississippi
  1. Railroads
  1. Retired 3-star admiral
  1. China
  1. The Chosen One
  1. Johnson and Johnson
  1. Georgia
  1. Tongass National Forest in Alaska
  1. Mattel
  1. International Workers of the World
  1. Sasha Obama.

In his will, David Koch bequeathed 18 senators to his brother Charles. Included in the package is Iowa’s Joni Ernst.

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