Sunday Funday: There’s Something Happening Here Edition

3 minutes:

“Terrible things are happening outside. At any time of night and day, poor helpless people are being dragged out of their homes. Families are torn apart; men, women, and children are separated. Children come home from school to find their parents have disappeared.” Anne Frank 

What is happening to us, people?

And, oh, what a horrible week it was.

  1. Walmart seems to be a focal point for much of the violence that is occurring. In an odd incident in Gibsonton, Florida Thursday a man used what to attack customers in the Walmart?
  1. In Montana a man choked and broke the skull of a boy who did not remove his hat during the national anthem. The suspect’s lawyer claimed his client was following orders from who?
  1. Republicans seemed to land on what two excuses for the rash of gun massacres happening in this country?
  1. After scoring a goal in his MLS game, soccer star Alejandro Bedoya grabbed the stadium microphone to make a statement about what issue?
  1. The governor of what state was shouted down during an appearance at the scene of a mass shooting with the crowd calling for what?
  1. Our top diplomat for Latin America resigned last week amid internal disputes with the administration over what policy?
  1. When asked if Dear Leader is a racist what Democratic presidential candidate simply replied “Yes”?
  1. In odd news last week, a woman walking her two dogs on a beach in New Zealand discovered 19 packages of what worth @ $3million?
  1. Whoops, a belated happy birthday to what Iowa born president yesterday?
  1. After giving Steve King a really tough race in 2018, who jumped back in to run for the 4th district congressional seat for 2020?
  1. What non-politician became the ninth candidate to qualify for the next Democratic debate in September?
  1. An ICE raid in what state took parents away while their kids attended the first day of school?
  1. On Friday, Dear Leader said that in gun legislation negotiations the views of what group would be “fully represented and respected”?
  1. August 11, 1965 – 54 years ago today – 6 days of riots started in what section of Los Angeles?
  1. Congress member Abby Finkenauer hosted a member of what powerful federal commission to discuss the digital divide in rural areas?
  1. Wednesday Agriculture Secretary Perdue got a rude reception in Minnesota after what country announced a stop to purchasing US agricultural products?
  1. More meatless meat sandwiches coming – what chain will be testing a meatless meatball sandwich?
  1. An Israeli spacecraft that landed on the moon in April may have introduced what form of earthly life to the moon?
  1. At the end of his Wednesday night show what Fox News talking head announced a sudden vacation following a week where he declared white supremacism to be a hoax?
  1. French inventor Franky Zapata crossed the English Channel in 22 minutes aboard what kind of craft?


  1. A golf cart – he ran it through the doors and proceeded to run down customers.
  1. Dear Leader
  1. Video games and mental illness. Both of these are easily proven false
  1. Gun control – “Congress, do something now. End gun violence,” he said into the microphone to great applause. 
  1. Mike DeWine of Ohio appearing in Dayton.
  1. Immigration
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Cocaine
  1. Herbert Hoover – 145 years
  1. JD Scholten
  1. Andrew Yang
  1. Mississippi
  1. The NRA of course. It’s just theater folks, nothing substantive will happen.
  1. Watts
  1. The FCC – Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel came to see the internet’s effects on agriculture.
  1. China
  1. Subway
  1. Tardigrades 

19. Tucker Carlson

20. A jet powered hoverboard


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